Unboxed new Mecool km6

Does it say it there for the mecool km3? I have the km6 plus and it does not show up. Interesting. Thanks

Sorry is it there for the km2

My KM2 is packed away for my big move. I presently just have my Shield Pro hooked up. It’s AndroidTV and is there. Hopefully someone with a KM2 hooked up can give you detailed info.

Thank you Miki. I find it pretty odd. I think I should just go to the shield. I am not impressed with the Mecool. Has enough memory and is faster than the Firestick or Onn but, there support is terrible.

Unfortunately I must keep my opinion regarding MeCool products to myself or risk an onslaught of negative remarks. Seems though, you have come to a similar position. One thing with the Shield, it’s reliable.

And I haven’t looked lately, but it’s not easy finding a dumb (not smart) tv these days. Even my “old” Vizeo 65" 1080p, 120 hz, with digital optical audio output is “smart”. It’s fine particularly for iptv since it maxes out at 1080p. Though I hear the upscaling on the newer tvs, including OLED, is pretty good. Also don’t use RD, so end up using 1080p movies from app links.

Funny… it would be difficult to give me a hard time about a Mecool product. I have two km2 plus, one km6 plus and one M8S Pro 8 L. Android box. I think I have evaluate there product from top to bottom. I am a retired Space Flight Hardward Engineer with over forty years of design experience. Everyone has there favorite there is nothing wrong with that.