Ugoos vs Nvidia Shield Pro

I am considering Ugoos UT8 Pro or a Nvidia Shield Pro. If $$$$ wasn’t an issue what one would you buy?


Base that judgment on budget.

Do you want android tv or android os? These descions are not terribly hard, its a matter of performance and preferences. You dont need a high end box to do basic functionality.

Streaming is simple.

Get nvidia for android tv ugoos if going non android tv and going for os.

Syncler kodi stremio weyd handle 99% of movie and tv shows.


Thank you for the input

All im trying to say is you dont need to speed tons of money to get something that something cheaper can do.

I hope it helps and good luck! :slight_smile:

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You are 100% right! I have had Fire Sticks since the day they come out. Looking for something new to experiment with…more out of want, than need. The Fire Sticks have worked great for me. I keep things very simple on my setups. As of this writing there are no shows that I want, that I cannot get.

As with most hobbies people are always fiddling with stuff. That’s me… :relaxed:


Txron has been posting his setup of his new ugoos boxes and his findings. Do some reading there . Everything else is going to depend on what you want and or need as stated by Tp-Dracoo . I have only used Nvidia shield tv and have loved it till now with this last update fiasco. I myself am starting to experiment with the ugoos ut8 and am7 because of the ability to root the box and decide for yourself what you want or don’t want on the box . Lots of info here on everything to read and the search button is your friend. If anything after that anyone is willing to help enjoy what ever you decide on have fun and stream on