Ugoos UT8 Pro- Initial Thoughts


I have now spent several hours with my new toy. And first thing was to install Wolf Launcher.

Setup was easy and i used an external sd card from my existing box to install my apps through a file manager.

A few observations:

  1. Wi fi can only be achieved by removing the ethernet cable. My existing box had this issue and was finally fixed by an update.

  2. All my prepaid " live wallpapers" from Playstore will not install or load. I had a “go to” live wallpaper " Sony phase beam ".
    According to the UT8, “incorrect file format”

Setting up wallpapers was finally resolved from my google photos sd card and copying them across to main storage.

  1. I am still playing with settings and trying to find a way to turn off the power light on the box.

  2. There is no on screen power button icon, which i have been accustomed to. But, i will certainly get used to not having one.
    Sure it has the power button at the bottom system bar, which functions the same way with a long press.

  3. Yep, the remote takes a bit of getting used to. But i use a mouse as well and actually plugged in two of my Minix remotes by dongle and they both worked :grin:

I really like the dark mode and i particularly like the many extra features that can be included on the pull down menu.

The colours at first were for me, a little bit wishy washy. So without touching any " auto settings" in settings> device preferences>display and sound>colour> picture settings. I played around with picture settings that suited my viewing style.
Thus, i now have sharper and better contrast for my needs.

I do have one question: Automatic frame rate is disabled and “additional settings” shows: " switch to 50hz for 25fps and " switch to 60hz for 30 fps as enabled.

Should i just leave well alone? Or…
Any views are welcome.

I hope this has been of some help to someone.

If anyone can offer advice on any observation on this post, it would be most welcome.


Great to see you getting used to it. Its going to be a little learning curve at first but as you go you find more stuff. Enjoy. Mine is running very smooth and no issues unless ive created them by tinkering :crazy_face:


I have to admit that i over tinkered and had to start again. But it was fun😁

Any thoughts on the frame rate question?


I believe I saw a vid that said it was adjusted automatically as needed.I left mine as is with the switches for 50hz-25fps and 60-30 on. Dont forget about the ugoos app for your phone. Its very cool.

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Many thanks. Will take a look at the phone app.

Just checked playstore for the phone app. Nothing there apart from ugoos tv launcher.:unamused:

mine is called ugoos remote, got it in playstore for my phone(samsung)

Not sure where I got it but had it before my ugoos showed up.

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Excellent… thks for that.

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Just another question. Well two actually.

Did your box come with Google pre installed? And, have you had any issues with play store… Using wolf launcher and long click on playstore app, does not produce," app info" on mine. And it will not install Google.

Finally, my contacts will not sync, no matter what i do. And i have googled everything.

I wonder if i have messed things up as I went along and should reset.


Yes I had the playstore but things like downloader were not avail and I had to sideload that. Ive never synced anything as I keep this box as far away from my personal accounts as possible. Dealing with .apk’s is risky biz if ya know what I mean.


Fully understand. I have just reset my device ( good learning curve? and Google is not pre installed. But, like you I keep my personal details away from the box.

I was just perplexed at why it would not install. Anyway, you have given me good reasons to leave contacts etc away from my box. Just going through permissions again.

Thanks for the info.

yea, im a security guy and streaming is like the “wild wild west” :eyes: :grimacing: and its always best to keep personal stuff seperate from online activities…although security is never a guarantee anywhere on the internet but you are in control of your little space…sorta :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Appreciated. You have given me a mind reset.
I never kept sensitive info on the box. It was handy sometimes to use Gmail to send screenshots to developers on my previous box, hence my comment about contacts.

But i will not install those items now.

Thanks again.

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That has about every download for every peripheral you’ll use.


What is the max resolution can you view Netflix and Amazon Prime at on a Ugoos UT8 Pro? The below article says you can not get 4K. The next sentence says a smooth 480p. Can you get 1080P?


Probably 480 p, not a Netflix certified box.

480p is the best you’ll do on Netflix with this box. I worked around it by loading the app off my smart tv App Store. Voila… Netflix in 4k.



Somebody is using there big brain power :brain:


Just thinking “outside the box.” Yes, pun intended. :sunglasses::v:


All the reviews are saying that the Android 11 operating system is not stable with a lot of the apps. That the Ugoos UT8 Pro reboots at random times or just kicks you off the app. Do you find this to be true?