Ugoos TV Launcher

I was surfing around looking at videos of Ugoos android boxes and something caught my eye. It was in all these reviews was this launcher that I was thinking looked dam cool and functional…at least the guy on the video made it look that way :joy:… so I stumbled upon the apk for this launcher and after test driving I thought I would share. It helps to have a mouse from what I can tell and thats a non-issue for me since I use the MX-Anywhere mouse from my pc on the android with the click of a button. I am still testing this out still and any of you with a ugoos box already have seen it.
Ugoos TV Launcher for Android - APK Download


I’ve heard a lot of good things about ygoos and the launcher also I think if I have some time tomorrow I’ll check the launcher out thanks for the link

yea this might take wolfs place. Im tweaking it now and keep learning more and getting easier. VERY nice and free :+1:

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Keep me and everyone posted on what you come up with. Are you looking into the box also

looking at the Ugoos X4 Pro right now but really like the UGOOS UT8 but its twice the price…so still thinking. In no hurry my km2 is humming along :joy:

I have been thinking of the Tanggula X5 128G andthe Tanggula X5 128G Android 11 IPTV Box 2022 for the bedroom to play around with and ygoos is in the mix as well been thinking about this even before the update came crashing down. Like you said no rush . Would like to have a rooted android box never had one before looking at everything right now. Good luck with the launcher I hope to download it tomorrow after I get my meat on the smoker keep me posted thanks

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All Ugoos boxes are of excellent quality. I first bought an AM6 Pro, which I now use as my secondary device, and was so impressed by it’s performance and functionality, I recently bought the AM6B Plus after seeing the reviews and benchmark tests, which rank it second only to the Nvidia Shield. The older Ugoos boxes are still an excellent choice and will cost you less if money to spend is an issue. All these boxes have root switches, run on open android 9.0 and have great cooling. The Ugoos launcher option is included in the box settings if you like that instead of the open android launcher screen.


Thanks for the heads up will keep looking around like I said no rush also looking at the Tanggula X5 128G best Android 11 IPTV Box 2022

Better be good for that price :grimacing:

Yeah just read a few disturbing things about it and I am leaning towards the ut8 pro not rushing into anything but don’t like that the ygoos take so long to come from China didnt see anywhere in the USA to get them unless you know somewhere.

I just ordered the Ugoos X4 Pro. $100 be here in 2 to 3 weeks. Coulda got it from another seller cheaper but longer. Went with Vontar because of reputation for speed. UGOOS X4 Pro TV BOX Android 11 Amlogic S905X4 DDR4 4GB 32GB X4 Cube 2G16G Support CEC HDR 1000M BT OTT 4K TVBOX Media player|Set-top Boxes| - AliExpress

Just watched tube reviews like ut 8or 7 think I am going to pull the trigger tomorrow just haven’t made up my mind on which one yet I always over think everything :money_mouth_face: what made you decide on that one

does what I want. Not going to be used for gaming so high end specs were not needed. Just mostly an iptv/kodi/apk box. The specs here are very good for that. here it is in action… Ugoos X4 Pro Android 11 Amlogic S905X4 DDR4 4K Dolby TrueHD TV Box - YouTube


I have a Ugoos AM6B - Plus up and running as my main device. I can tell you first hand, it’s a terrific device as is the launcher (it comes with 2 actually). You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for a device.


What exactly are the benefits to rooted vs non-rooted? Are there any pitfalls to a rooted device? If rooted is the way to go. Then why aren’t all boxes rooted?

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You can root almost any android device as long as it’s not closed, semi closed or some stupid efuse crap.

Closed means the hardware and software are completely tied together and you can’t mod it period like roku.

Semi closed is like the formuler you can add apks apps programs change things but you can’t custom rom it or root.

Any generic Android box other than mentioned above with no moddee bios or software should be able to be rooted.

On topic, nice post on the launcher, I my self will probably be getting one of these instead of the fourmler z10 pro max. (Such a good box but I wanna custom rom)

(Haven’t been able to buy anything yet as things keep coming up.)


You can get it from walmart online, but it still wouldn’t get delivered until next month, and it cost about $285 bucks!

UGOOS AM6B Plus Smart Android 9.0 Amlogic S922X-J UHD 4K 4GB LPDDR4 32GB EMMC 2.4G & 5G WiFi 1000M LAN BT 5.0 H.265 VP9 -


Having root in a simple way is total ownership or controll over. Its a term derived from the linux croud. Got Root means to a hacker that gained access to the inners of a system.

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You can get this box on Amazon for $199. As to Dracoo’s post, could not have explained a rooted device better.


Back on Topic… This is really really a cool launcher. Just discoved not only the themes aval are cool and free to download within the app you can use your own artwork as well. Someone needs to draw Troys attention and get his take on it.