Ugoos troubleshooting

Just wanted to add a word of caution before jumping into Ugoos UT8 PRO.

I have encountered several issues with this device, which i have contacted Ugoos support about.

  1. Wi fi only works if you remove the Lan cable.
  2. Nord vpn app does not work.
  3. SD Maid does not work
  4. My pre purchased Galaxy wallpapers don’t work or even download.
  5. Google is not preinstalled and playstore will not download it. The support team said it was not normal for set top boxes to come pre installed with Google, because it was only designed for mobile phones!! Really!

My 4 set top android OS set top boxes ALL came with Google pre loaded.

  1. As a result of no google app, contacts cannot be updated or synced across my devices.

However, after some good advice from a member here, it’s no bad thing to keep any personal info off the device.

  1. It does not come with any wallpapers pre installed. Attempting to add wallpapers from my " photos" proved to be a nightmare.

  2. On their own launcher, there are very few widgets and trying to get the apps tray to move from the side to the bottom of the screen, doesn’t work. And why are apps randomly spread over two screens, when there is room enough on one page screen.

  3. Some of my iptv channels played video, but no sound.

All of the above points from 1 to 7 and point 9 were encounterd using both wolf launcher and also their own launcher.

Ugoos support are aware of the wi fi issues and hope to release a firmware update soon.

But with regard to Nord Vpn/SD maid/pre paid wallpapers and my iptv, Ugoos suggested that i contact the developers.

I did this and sent relevant bug reports/ screenshots and video, and they all said, that it was a device problem because other Android v 11 devices performed flawlessly.

Apart from that there are many great features on this device and i hope Ugoos can resolve my concerns.

I have not written this to denegrate this product, nor this company, just trying to help others before they decide. I suggest you wait until the bugs are sorted out.

Meanwhile I will return to my other device.

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Iptv issues like sound, info guide and ithers are uaslly related to the service had have to fix their source. If yoy had audio issues on everything the maybe the box.

Some of this stuff i think can be bypassed as others have this stuff on their box.

Thks for the info. The iptv works well on all channels apart from 6 with no sound.

The IPTV has two different apps. The oldest one (app v1) has less channels and that is where the sound issue is on 6 of the channels.

The newest beta app for the iptv i use has no such problem on these same 6 channels. I have addressed this with the iptv company and they assure me that their own Andtoid v 11 devices do not have the sound issue on App v1.

I am a little confused by your statement that this can be bypassed as others have this on their box. I don"t quite understand.

Be grateful, if you would clarify.


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Wow. Those are certainly some buggy issues. I have the Ugoos AM 6B Plus and AM 6 Pro, use galaxy live wallpaper along with SD Maid and have none of the issues described. I even was able to download google off the Playstore. There is a possibility that your launcher won’t work with live wallpapers, (I use TV Launcher 3 and it works fine.) As far as Ethernet and Wi-Fi, just disconnect the Ethernet if you want to use the Wi-Fi. Since you have contacted Ugoos support, they will probably address these software bugs in an update at some point.


Thks. That is interesting. I wonder if sd maid works because your device is rooted.

I agree that iptv may be an issue with the provider. It would be interesting to see what would happen if you tried to download nord vpn on your device in a non rooted state and see if the app will even open.

I reset my box and tried again and it downloads, but will not open.

I downloaded SD maid to my ut8 and it works fine and I didn’t get to root mine yet . So it’s got to be something else

You can side load apps without google without issues, i think something els is happening. Chrck everything and disable play protect and allow to install from unkown sources.

Sure. I have done that. I am going to reset and try each app as i go before installing the next one. It could of course be a user error on some of the issues i have raised.:grin:

And i will be only too happy to amend my post and report accordingly.

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Well. I reset and installed sd maid only. Using quick access> scan> run produces a very slow android figure as it churns through deleting app cleaner. Same issue as before.

On my minix it whips through the run, deleting app cleaner.

In settings> app cleaner i have enabled accessibility service as recommended by the developer.

Made your own topic on this for troubleshooting, seems we got off topic.

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Ok. Thank you for the feedback and moving it for me.

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At the threat of sound dump, what is SD Maid?

Or better yet, what are some good sites to learn about Android boxes. Like Ugoona AM 7

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Sd maid is basically an app that analyses your system and cleans it.

Just search on you tube or google for android boxes.


SD Maid is an android system cleaning app that is in the Troypoint App Store.

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Apart from Troypoint, you can access video reviews of Ugoos devices on TV Box Stop or Chigz Reviews. These are usually available on Utube.


FYI, I havent tested this because I dont use wifi with my ugoos but if you look in advanced settings the option is there to switch wifi on/off. You might try that and see if it helps.

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Tried that. But, only works if the Lan cable is removed. But Ugoos are aware of this.

But, like you, i don’t use it. I raised it as a bug in my initial post, because i was testing out internet speeds on both ethernet and wi fi.

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