Ugoos Devices. Forum users experiences


I am.considering adding another device to my household. I currently have a minix U22xj max. Sadly these are no longer produced, or supported.

I have checked numerous reviews on the AM7 and the AM6b plus. I am not interested in the UT8 Pro, for personal reasons.

The only differences i can see between the 7 and 6b plus are: the different amlogic versions, the different Android versions and the 7 has no sd card storage.

But the 7 has 3 x usb 3. So i suppose you could use one of those.

Does anyone have hands on experience on both these boxes. They both appear to have been released in 2021.

I did check Ugoos web site and they show AM 8…but very little detail.

Many thanks.

The AM7 is a newer, cheaper version and the AM6b is/has long been the best of the Ugoos product line. I know nothing of the am8 but would bet its most likely going to be the higher end update to the 6b. Maybe @sim_bill can chime in as hes a ugoos fanatic :joy:…as well as myself. :sunglasses:


@TXRon Many thanks for your thoughts.

I am leaning towards the AM6b plus. Seems to have had very good customer reviews. Android 9 doesnt really bother me.
I know from chatting with minix that Android 11 and Amlogic s922x were causing issues with compatability.

That is probably why the AM 7 has amlogic s905x with android 11.

ive always said that to me at least android 9 was my fav. Much easier to work with etc and ugoos usually has samba(smb) pre-installed or by update that is great for local network recording etc., A great choice imho.

Thanks. Never understood Samba. Too scared to click on it​:rofl::rofl:

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ugoos makes it easy to use. Buzztv just started adding it to their boxes to make it easier for users. Nvidea shield has it in the form of “plex” ready to do the same.

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Hi there. I have had the Ugoos AM6 Pro and AM6 B Plus boxes for over 3 years. Completely satisfied with them and have had no performance, app selection/downloading or overheating issues whatsoever. Both run stock android 9, which runs flawlessly. All Ugoos boxes have a root switch option as well. I am not familiar with the AM7. The AM6 B Plus is currently available on Amazon for $189 and probably a better option for purchasing due to other sites taking longer to ship and better customer service if any problems.


@sim_bill . Many thanks for the reassuring information. I’ m not so keen on the specs and reviews on the AM 7.

Looks like the AM6 B Plus is favourite.

Thanks again for your help.


You bet. I think you will be pleased with that selection.


Just one question. Which is the newer model, AM 6 Pro or the Am6b Plus?


Out of curiosity, does the UT8 Pro not have something that made you steer clear of it? I don’t own Ugoos, but have done a decent amount of research on the ones you list above. They are all solid models, just thought maybe it would help someone that was looking at the UT8 Pro.

@AMD237 . Sure. I bought one quite a way back and it was a nightmare to navigate. Couldnt get playstore or any google apps like, contact, gmail etc.

It was also very buggy. There were a host of other issues, including the launcher,settings,font size,display size. The list goes on.

I actually wrote my experiences with this device some time ago on this site. See:

I did exchange emails with the owner, who was very understanding and i returned it with a refund.

I watched a video today and it seems that the reviewer was very negative about it.

However, things may have changed since early last year when i bought it.

Having spent some hours watching and reading reviews, as customer reviews, i am going for the AM6B plus.

I hope my comments don’t offend any UT8 Pro owners on this site, who may not have encountered the issues i did.

Each to their own. Please don’t shoot the messenger of his own experiences.:grinning:

And with that, i bid you all a goodnight from this side of the world. If anyone replies, i will answer in my morning time.

The AM6 B Plus is newer and has a bit faster processor.

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Many thanks. Decision made.

I have the ut8 pro and never had any issues with it. Its a beast and actually games better than a shield but if streaming is the main objective then stick with amlogic boards however my ut8 streams well also, imho


@TXRon . Glad to hear your Ut8 is working well. Just a shame mine had those issues at the time.

Anyway, will go for the Amlogic.

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I agree with TX Ron I also have a UT 8 and have had no prob with at all. Also have a 7 with no prob also. Ugoos is a solid box which ever one you choose. I still use my Nvidia shield as my everyday box though would be my choice :v::sunglasses: