TVMATE with Sapphire Secure

Hi, I have been using Sapphire since area 51 went out, now I’m trying to link my TVMATE to my Sapphire account to use their EPG but I can’t seem to get them to link up. I have done a couple of support tickets to Sapphire, they have responded with: to setup Tivimate with Sapphire please follow the steps below.

Open Tivimate
click Add Playlist
Now Click Xtream Codes
Under Server Address use: [
Under Username: (Your app Username)
Under Password: (Your app Password)

I have tried this multiple times and I continue to get the error: “An error has occurred while processing the playlist. Make sure you have entered the correct data and check your internet connection” What am I doing wrong?

apparently they have changed things and you will have to use their service with a Smarters app set for Sapphire. T

I also know there are not that many of us left on the Sapphire server that didn’t get the axe.

I can’t use Tivimate anymore using my login info…no feed nor epg

Is there any work around?..if not is there another real basic iptv like Sapphire for cheap as a backup
(Sapphire has been at 20 bucks/3 months)

This is most recent email, they started sending emails in August about this…

We are still getting emails of people complaining the OLD streaming app is not working properly.
DISREGARD THIS EMAIL : If you already did the upgrade last month. IF NOT, please read email below AND DO THIS NOW!
Everyone will need to update to the new TV App to keep services working.

We just received information that the current app will no longer be supported by its developers.
We already noticed some items not working and we wanted to make sure everyone had the new app so you can enjoy all the benefits and some new and exciting features of this App.

Your login credentials for the app will stay the same all you need to do is download and install the app onto your streaming device and login.



I have the same issue… but mine was a different extreme code.

it was working fine then a couple of days ago went blank

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i have the same problem,sapphire works with it’s own app but i cant use tivimate and thus cant record?
is there a work around for this problem?

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I sent them an email for logging info for tivi mate and they said they don’t support tivi mate anymore that I would have to use their app

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When I complained they sent me another Xtreme code, same issues. I replied again, lets see if they give me a viable option, if so I will share it with the group.


Thats different than what they told me, interesting

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I never had any luck using extreme codes with Sapphire & Tivimate…I always had to use the old full length url

So if there is no work around, where is my best bet to look & replace Sapphire…sure hard to beat for the cost…

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Do you have the full URL code I’m going to try anything now


Thank you, I’ll try it when i get home.

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I got it working but I had to try it like 3-4 times. And now it takes 15-20 seconds for channels to start playing in Tivimate. I’m using it as my backup service now.

Update your Tivimate

Make sure your up to date with your payment

Try watch.max instead of watch.gem

Im up to date on my payment

I tried that, no luck, any other ideas?

I don’t unfortunately. Maybe create a backup file for your Tivimate settings and then force close the app, clear cache, and clear all the data. Make sure you have version 4.0 installed. Then try Xtreme codes again and triple check that everything is correct and case sensitive. If it still doesn’t work submit another help ticket to them.

I’ve cleared my data a few times, still no luck. I put in another ticket, hopefully they can get me the correct information.

I wonder if they gave you watch.gem because your account is actually on a different server?

I just double checked my parameters and I have: