Trying to watch bbc

was watching bbc just fine . but next time it was geoblocked is there a way
to get around this?


If you’re using BBC iPlayer or else. Yes you can. First clear the browser cache or better to use another browser like Opera browser, change your VPN server location to UK server if you’re outside the UK, and connect.

Open BBC website from the top create new account other than yours, and complete the setup, when requested to enter address and post code use your imagination but don’t use yours existing one.:+1:

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I just noticed this thread. Sorry. I have TiViMate, live in Mexico, use a vpn to Dallas TX in the U.S. and on 8 of my free Playlists I have dozens of BBC channels, from News to Food to Home to kids, all BBC feeds. Now I haven’t checked each and every feed for viability as I’m watching the NHL playoffs. So I’ll check for them tomorrow. Ok, during intermission I just checked some of the BBC channels and most are playing fine with a server in the U.S. on Proton VPN. I’ll check UK servers tomorrow.

i can get all the bbc channels except one. of course that’s the one i want.
it’s ‘bbc one’ which is their main live station. i get a page with articles, but nothing live. i’ve found it in several places . it is geoblocked, or it seems like it will let me in and then gives me a ‘failed’ notice on the very last screen. i’ve moved the vpn server,nord, but no help. i created a fake account. i just can’t seem to get through.

Ok. Give me a minute and I’ll see if I can find BBC One. Ok I’m watching BBC One now from London and a feed from Scotland. Something about Dream Homes. All I had to do was switch my Proton VPN from US to UK. This is on a free playlist I added in TiViMate.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

i moved the vpn several times, once even in scotland. i’m using proton vpn.
thank you for the link. i just glanced at the link. it appears to be hundreds of links.
is there one you recommend? it’ll be much later in the day before i get a chance to try it. thank you

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The link I sent is an m3u playlist that you add into an IPTV Player like TiViMate, which is my player of choice.

Install the IPlayer addon from the Kodi Repo
Scroll down to the iPlayer: Watch Live option and you are in :+1:
Be active within a VPN using a UK server too and you can watch all the available LIVE BBC channels.

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As I mentioned I have 8 free playlists which all have playable BBC links. All play flawlessley. TiViMate rocks.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

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Indeed! The main BBC Channels are available on a good few great free playlists for your IPTV :+1:

Ya I know, but I’m not sure what is main on BBC. I never knew they had such diverse programming until I looked into this. From kids, to music, to daily shows. All of it.
And all easily accessed. I stopped counting all the feeds when I started running into German ones. Lol.

I think most people will be looking for BBC1 and BBC2. There are also regional versions of the main channels that show most of the main content, but give regional news and weather rather than national news etc. The great think about the Kodi add on is that it acts like iplayer in that it has VOD and a lot of historic catch-up content and Radio. So anyone who doesn’t use IPTV, its definitely a good option.

Oh I agree. Many ppl love Kodi. I gave up on it as it’s way to glitchy for me and awkward to use. Repos constantly going down and never ending problems. But that’s just me. I prefer easy. Kodi is good for the vast majority and very popular, just not for me.
I hope the OP sees that they have good choices now to get the content they desire. Gotta love the diversity this hobby offers.
Have fun and STREAM ON.


@questions . Here is a workaround.

This is a shortcut and not an app.

Open this link and then go to the three vertical dots in the top right hand corner.

Then scroll down and click, " add to home page".

On your home page, open the bbc shortcut and sign in. When it opens, navigate to " iplayer". Select what you wish to watch and play.

Then click in the enlarge screen at the bottom of the programme you are watching.

Next solution for bbc 1 live: open the link and click on bbc 1 at the top of the menus shown for the various bbc channels.

Hope that works for you.

dak: pretty good workaround. i see the live channel, but i don’t see where to add to my homepage.
miki: you sent a playlist with hundreds of playlists. another post mentions you have 8 with bbc. can you give me a list of the 8?
king pro: you mention a ‘few great free playlists for iptv.’ can you provide which ones? kodi worked pretty well. lots of buffering. changed servers many times and adjusted protocols (open vpn tcp) finally got it working!
i’m still interested in good playlists.
i want to thank all of you for the information. i know of no other forum with the expertise shown by you guys. this applies to the rest of the forum contributors,
as well. thank you,

That list I sent doesn’t have hundreds of playlists, it has 103 channels. It’s an m3u file. It’s just a shortened url. So add it in your IPTV player under playlists.
A good free playlist is

The EPG should load but if it doesn’t then enter>

Now if you do a search on here you will find many m3u urls to add. Just do a search for m3u

You will find ones for tubi, vizio, TCL, Samsung, Roku, Redbox, Pluto and so on.

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The playlist I know has a lot of stable BBC channels is:


Worth deleting the channels you don’t want/need and creating a group/playlist with just the BBC Channels.

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That’s another good list 3839 channels.

2289 channels

114 channels

317 channels

1086 channels
153 channels

There that’s 6 with bbc and lots more.
150 channels

115 channels

264 channels

There that’s a ton of free stuff and lots of bbc stuff.

Read and search. tons more.

@questions. I was using duck duck go. Top right hand corner of your screen 3 vertical dots, click on them …scroll down…you willl find " add to homescreen"

See attached image.

I use NordVPN. I’ve never been blocked on BBC iPlayer. I downloaded the app from Aptoide, and watch on Firestick. I am geo-blocked when I use either IPVanish or ExpressVPN.

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