True Cost of Real Debrid

Real Debrid is a must service for serious cord cutters. I was curious if anyone using RD isn’t taking advantage of their “Fidelity Points”?

I recently added another 6 months to my subscription. Today, with the current Euro exchange rate, that costs $17.30 for 180 days. RD gives you 800 Fidelity points for the 180 day subscription. Once you accumulate 1000 Fidelity Points, you can convert those into an additional 30 days. The 800 points I earned translates into 800/1000 x 30 = 24 extra days. So I really purchased 180 + 24 = 204 days for $17.30.

So how much does it cost me for 1 year (365 days)?

$17.30/204 x 365 = $30.95

Don’t forget to use your Fidelity Points.


I also use the Fidelity points when i have them…good advise!


Completely forgot about them, after reading this post I just added 3 months. Thanks for the reminder!!!


Awesome! It’s always fun to find free stuff laying about.


I recently added my fidelity points whilst extending my subscription which now takes me a fair way into the current year. It’s a good incentive.


I believe you can convert your Fidelity Points at any time to extend your sub.

My sub expires in about 85 days. So, I think I may wait and use them then?

EDIT: Nah, I just went ahead and converted them now. Now I don’t need to worry about it until the end of May!


You also can extend your current subscription at anytime…you don’t have to wait until it expires. They just add the purchased days onto your current days still remaining.

That’s what I did… just one less thing to remember in the coming weeks. A plus for me. :eyes:


Now if I could only get them to send me an email when my days are about to expire. More than once I’ve spent countless time troubleshooting why I couldn’t get any streams to play only to realize my RD days have Expired! DOH! I’ve since resorted to placing an appt on my calendar a few days before my RD is about to expire


Me too. I use google Keep on my phone for all my appts, things to do, etc. At first, it just had a handful of items on it. I recently looked at all the upcoming reminders and the list went on and on. :laughing:

By the time I got to the bottom of the list, I couldn’t remember what was at the top.


All ways use the fidelity points. It’s a great thing!


Put a reminder on your calendar.

Oops…just saw that what you did. My bad…lol

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Why not just transfer fidelity points as soon as you renew RD? That is what i’ve always done. My memory is more like a leaky sieve than a steel trap so that is best for me lol.


Yea, that’s what I do as well. But you have to use a 1000 points to make a conversion. Right now I have a 500 point balance, so I am good to go for the next couple of 800 point purchases adding an extra 30 days. Then I will have to sit out a round because I will only have 100 points in the bank.

My brother wasn’t even aware he had any points. I showed him and he added 3 extra months.


Same here. Logged in last week and realised I had 2800 Fidelity Points. Got another 3 months free :slight_smile:


Never paid attention to the points. I just looked and have 5200 points, which should translate to little ove 5 months. Thanks!


Thank you for the tip. I had completely forgotten about the Fidelity Points and just got an extra 3 months service.


Don’t forget, also, that you can accrue fidelity points (50) plus +5 days for every referral that buys a premium sub.

Just make sure that you provide your specific assigned link to your referred when they purchase the sub so that you get the referral perk above.

Just log in to your RD account and use the referral program link that is just under you ACCOUNT link.


I always use my Fidelity Points!


I’ve always bought in 180-day chunks and have used the Points to save a lot.

I’m so glad that I learned about Debrid from Troy years ago. Adding an HDMI cloning device that records the incoming media to a flash drive has made saving movies and TV a breeze.


Real Debrid sounds like the real deal. I don’t use it, but manage to get decent streams even though I may have to experiment with a couple of links before getting a good one. But I watch 1080p (sometimes have to step down to 720p for low seeders) and not 4k. Might be worth it?