Troypoint toolbox/downloader?

Would like to know how to save the Troypoint toolbox in the down loader on an android device, his tutorial shows how to save it with firesticks or on a phone but not on an android device

Save it in Favorites on the Downloader app.


Troypoint toolbox won’t add to favourites on downloader. Just gives error message. Any ideas. Using gen 3 firecube.Rob.

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I just had the same issue on my KM2 and I deleted downloader and reinstalled. Took care of my issue

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Then save it to your Favorites/Bookmark in whatever browser you use.

I just now pulled it up on my laptop.

Just go into your browser and type in the url address. When it loads click save to favorites.

Things that make you go hmm…

I wonder if this app WINDOWS 11 for Firestick that TXRon posted about would be able to download an app from the Toolbox onto your device? Hmm…?

f it will then you can make an app shortcut and place it on your taskbar.

Can the Toolbox be downloaded without using Downloader. I don’t use downloader but am interested in looking at the Toolbox.

Sure, just use this address. You can view in your browser. TROYPOINT Toolbox


Thanks. Maybe I am missing it. I see the repository listed below. I don’t see any file name representing the toolbox, unless the repository is the toolbox.

Not sure I follow you about the repository. Are you scrolling all the way down the page? Lots of downloads and tools are listed.

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There isn’t a file/APK to download. Just a url to access the toolbox. Just keep the link in your faves in either Downloader or browser or what ever app you use to download/install APKs.


I dare not mention the URL term ever again! :joy: :crazy_face: Hmm, maybe if you could see what you need to type into your browser. This is it:


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