Troy and all his staff

Just a quick word of THANKS for Troy and his team for all the valuable information and almost personalized Taylor made advice and guidance.
I hope all readers become patrons to support your ongoing efforts.

Randy from Canada


Hello @Randyg123 thanks for your kind message and also thanks for becoming a Patron! We’re looking forward to making this site a huge success with participation from people like you.


You guys are the best. I too would like to thank you and your crew for your willingness to share your knowledge. Your time, trouble and infinite patience are deeply appreciated.


I too would like to thank Troy and his staff. If it wasn’t for you guys, Comcast would still be stealing my money on lousy cable!


@RedheadPuppy Thanks for the nice message and also thanks for being a Patron. Very much appreciated!

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@Rapjr1 I appreciate your message and thank you very much for being a Patron!!!



I too would like to thank Troypoint for all the information that has been provided on site and emails. I know it takes time so a big THANK-YOU


I just want to say that a few years ago when I discovered this guy named Troy with, I could not believe that such a person existed; the pitch and timber of his voice is unique. He probably don’t remember but I did write to him and told him that he sounded like a college professor and thanked him for his help. The way he speaks, so clear and the way he teaches is unbelievable, what a gift. Everything he says is right, it works if you follow it, everything; I became so proficient at it that I was able to set up my son when he cut the cord, that made me feel great.
I am thankful for Troy and now his team and I am here to support this in every way I can, proud to be part of this group.


@Vicrod54 Thank you for the nice words! Many more tutorials on the way. Thank you very much for supporting this site by becoming a Patron. It makes a huge difference!


If it wasn’t for your great info I might still be paying for cable, uggh. So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the great info.


Been using Troypoint for many years. You helped me get started and have continued to be my first choice for information and best apps. Also thank you for the great equipment reviews. Now enjoying the Insider!


Hello @prchst thanks for becoming a Patron! Also, thanks for the nice message. Have a great day!!

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I can’t wait to watch this community grow and grow! Thanks to Troy and all of his staff for the countless hours of time, research, and development that go into everything that you do! People see it and greatly appreciate it! Your attention to detail and OCD for what you do shine through in all of your correspondence! :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Team Troy thank you for the invite


@prchst Thank you for becoming a Patron! Much appreciated!

I learn a lot in the last years.
Thanks to you and TdUk.
Gr. From the Netherlands


I also want to thank Troy and the staff for all their hard work.
I bought a firestick 4 years ago but had no clue what to do with it.
I googled and came up.
I have been a follower ever since. I have told many of my friends about your website and have personally programmed 5 firesticks for other people using your website.
I could never have done it without you.


Hey there Troy and Staff!
Just wanted to give you all a “Shout out” on a job well done! They say “If you love your job you never work a day in your life” You guys must be loving life! I can’t remember when I signed up years ago, but many fire sticks later, and tutorials to boot, I feel honored to be part of the “Troy Family” In these insane volatile politically charged times I can always put my feet up and have a wonderful stress free conversation with awesome fellow members. I have also traded emails with the man himself, “Troy” who always treats you with respect. In fact if you needed any assistance or guestions answered Troy, the staff or fellow members are happy to help you without an attitude. So to all the new “Patrons” Welcome, and enjoy the journey!


Troy and staff . Thank you for the invite to this great site