Tried 2 streams off the lsit and both want credit cards

tried 2 streams off the list and both want credit cards. wants a credit card
what are you recommending now that does not need a credit card/
thanks george

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Cinema has never asked me for a credit card. I’m confused, where and when did it ask you for your credit card?

Nothing in the above link that mentions any kind of payment just free download?

i pay for all my iptv providers with a pre loaded visa card from walmart
i’m not sure what you’re asking?

Wait, what does Cinema have to do with IPTV? lol

On my PC i get the free options but on my firebox, it asks for my c/c

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That link is where you go to download Cinema, but still not sure where the credit card comes in?

I’ve never paid a dime for that app, it’s free. Anyone asking for payment is scamming you. Buyer beware.

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Click on this (on the website), get Cinema free. Authorize RD if you have it, stream movies and shows.

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Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.

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If you get Unlinked app type in 67664537 and you can download the Cinema AF ad free app with no problems.

I agree Stremio works well… I also like the Weyd app yes its a paided app but works great with RD, 90% of the time the show that just air will show up within 12/24 hrs later.

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I watch all my cop series on stremio. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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I got cinema to install but no streams show up
Then i get the message “update to 2.4.0” which i downloaded.
BUT then i get error parsing.
So cannot install 2.4.0. which i am guessing will show streams

What happens when you try to install the 2.4.0 apk from the link?

parsing error message

What device are you using?

i am using firebox as usual

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