TiviMate Transfers (PSA)

FYI…if anyone transfers their playlists/settings from one TiviMate player to another…make sure they are the same versions. TiviMate on my android box auto updated to version 4.1.0…Tivimate on my firestick was still previous version 4.0.0…was trying to transfer new playlists/updated settings to the firestick (like I’d done numerous times before) but it just wouldn’t work! I finally noticed the older version on the firestick & once I updated it, the backup I was transferring restored, no problemo. :cowboy_hat_face:



Thanks for letting us know. Appreciate it.

Lol I learned that the hard way also. Drives you nuts.

Copy that…& it only took me an hour or two of doing the same thing over & over while expecting a different outcome :roll_eyes:

This worked fine when inserting playlist but, the pointer doesn’t seem to work when you need to press next to activate…

Idk what you mean by pointer unless you’re trying to use Tivimate on a touchscreen device like a tablet. This post is just about backing up and restoring your settings on different devices. You can use the directional buttons on your remote. If you are trying to install and use Tivimate on a touchscreen device there are different posts on here that address that.