Tivimate on Tablets

Tivimate is regarded by many as the best media player for IPTV. However, it wasn’t made for touch screens. There is a simple workaround though. You just need to have a remote control. And since most of us have our phones with us at all times, I think that’s the best way to go. I also recommend pairing via Bluetooth so you are always connected, even when you’re traveling and switching Wi-Fi networks on your tablet. The best app I have come across so far is the one pictured below. The premium version will only set you back $4.49 and you’ll have air mouse, keyboard, and media button functionality for your tablet. Enjoy!



The pointer works but after using the keyboard to type in the playlist the pointed doesn’t work to move tone t to activate

I think I had replied to the wrong thread, is PSA’s
I want to use tivimate on my tablet but the work around using my phone works to insert playlists but cannot activate as the pointer doesn’t move to the next stage.

There are 3 different “modes” in the app. There’s the keyboard, mouse, and media buttons. Make sure when you are done typing you switch back to the mouse pad. There’s also buttons for the left and right mouse clicks if tapping the screen doesn’t work. And you can always use the media buttons to highlight the activate button and then click okay.


Thanks for the explanation.

When typing you can use the phone app, but I prefer using the onscreen keyboard on the tablet. It’s bigger and with my fat fingers it is easier. I just use the left/right arrows on the phone app to move the typing cursor if I made a mistake while typing and needed to go back to fix it. Once done typing just hit enter on the onscreen keyboard to move to the next page.

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