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Does anyone know how to reach Tivimate support? I have an ABC channel that shows the same data as a CBS channel.

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sup geo & welcome…

Tivimate is just a player (pretty flawless)… it plays the content (playlists) you put into it…
which is the code or url’s you entered into it…
Tivimate has nothing to with what channels go where or how accurate the EPG is… its the provider or the url has it wrong…

If its just the info thats wrong… you can fix that yourself in settings with “assign epg”





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There is a telegram group with abour 4500 people in it. Not sure however if its official or not. I just joined to check it out.


It’s the official…non-official Tivimate support group. lol
It really has no affiliation with the developer, but do have people with knowledge and experience.


Don’t forget to assign the epg to your playlist first. Then do a search for the guide and assign it.

Forgot to mention, it is usually better to do “Logos Priority” using the “Prefer Logos From EPG”. This way the poster will match the guide.

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kinda like some of the linux groups I follow…sometimes the non-official group is better than the official group :rofl:

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A million Thank you’s You taught me a lot. I did what you said but still had my issue so I used the link you provided and contacted the developer. Thanks again!


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