Tivimate ring of death

Dont know if i am in the right area here, but has anyone experienced a blue circle on the right hand side of Tivimate epg side keeps spinning and wont me do anything.

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Sounds as if the sub has expired or just folded up shop? Try force stopping the app, clearing cache and re-booting.


You can also try the following…throw this free, verified playlist into your tivimate & if it works…then your problem is your service & not tivimate. Tivimate is just a player…generally the spinning circles denote no stream coming thru.



Thanks TXRon, sub just renewed for another year last month, cleared cache and force stop, it will go away for a while then come back. Might have something to do with the Mecool box, light keeps flashing blue then green, tried looking up what that means but can’t out anywhere what it means.


Weird but mine works on both blue and green. It turns green when I manually flip on the VPN, so i’m not sure it is a perfect science, but here is a quick guide for the lights. Were you able to verify the legal playlist works and won’t spin?


Try entering in another epg and then do an epg update. When the “Blue” circle finally stops spinning a message should appear under the heading, “Latest Update Status”. Here is where you will find out which epg failed to load. Sometimes it takes several minutes for my epg update to complete, but then again, I have about 2 dozen epgs installed.

Btw, the message will only display ONE failed epg at a time. EX: I just ran my update and I know there are at least 2-3 epgs that are no longer active, because I purposely let the sub expire, but only one just now appeared. I could delete that one and run it again, but I already know which ones I need to delete.

This attached pick demonstrates this for you.

Also forgot to mention, check how often you have your epg to update. I have mine to update daily and when there is a playlist change. Another thing you can try is to clear your epg and then update again.


Yeah think mine’s the same, verified playlist, flashes green when VPN is on. Thanks anyway.

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Is the ring of death another phrase for spooling? Same thing happens to me. If I use cinema HD or watch something on Amazon prime I get no spooling. If I use Tivimate I get spooling. I tried a different iptv provider with same result - spooling. Does this mean I should try a different app to view my iptv?

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Sounds to me you may have multiple playlists and / or one very big one holding things up to load. Also if you’re doing things off a fire stick could be overloaded? Even on my Shield i had a very big playlist slow me down.

Yeah, some of these extremely large playlists and especially epgs can take several minutes to finally complete. When you are updating 10’s of 1,000’s of multiple codes from multiple sources a lot comes into play and take much more time than you would think.

Thanks Powerfader.
Is there a universal epg you can enter on Tivimate.I have entered my epg from my servive provider, and refreshed, still about 75% missing.

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Thanks Pangaeatck, i will try that.

You can check on my m3u and epg page. There are a lot of epg codes you can install, but there is no “universal” epg.

Your best code and most compete should come from your iptv service. Although sometimes not all channels are populated with an epg. That is when I try to manually assign an epg using the setting in Tivimate.

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Here are a few of my favourite EPGs.




There are a ton more if you do a search.


I would like that too.

There are paid EPG services too that sometimes have a fuller guide for more channels. It stinks to pay for IPTV and then have to pay for a separate EPG. But if the guide is critical to you, either buy an IPTV service that invests in a great EPG, or know that you have to buy it from a different source and apply it.

Where is that page please?

I have never used the paid epg services, but I hear people talk about how good a few of them are out there. I would say you Google search to see what you can find or maybe someone on here sees this and can DM you a recommendation.


Thank you I will search

epgguide.net is one a lot of people use. I cost about $6 bucks per epg guide per month.

Personally, I can’t justify spending an extra $6 bucks a month just to fill in a handful of missing epg info. But if it is important to you, then this service is pretty good.

FYI, they do offer a 24 hour free trial.