Tivimate Recording Problem

Before everyone gets in a dizzy, I did do a search and really couldn’t find an answer. This has to do with recording issues I am having when using Tivimate. I was wondering if this was a problem on my end or ? I’ll just hit the record function to record a certain show on a channel. This seems to be a problem with international stations located in Australia or the UK. On some stations I get full recordings whereas on others I’ll get partial recordings. Is this that famous time shift problem? Everyone seems to have a problem with this but each one is unique and not always the same

Ok, just to understand better. When you say partial recording do you mean when setting up a half hour recording you only get a 15 minute recording? Or do you get a full 1/2 hr recording but only say 15 minutes of your program? If it’s the last one then chances are you hit the nail on the head with the time shift issue, however if it’s something I really wanted then I’d just add time to the beginning or end of your recording depending on which piece is missing.

sounds like your iptv stream is buffering sometimes and the shield will stop recording when this happens


I’m going to try some US channels and see if it happens there also. The only stuff so far is on theUK or Aussie channels. Sometimes for a 30 minute show I’ll only get 1 minute or 15. It is a hit or miss. I know I’ll figure it out eventually. Buffering could be an issue also

Remy – have kind of given up on TIVIMATE reliable recording. Most are saying they get good recordings by using CUSTOM settings. Certainly seems like we can not trust the EPG start and stop times. Others are switching to use SPARKLE app.

Personally am seeing some improvement by simplify of all settings. Use only one provider. Make sure you remove/edit all channels so you have only a few in the EPG, and verify start/stop times of episodes. Then still use CUSTOM to get it working. Am using a Fire CUBE G2 and making sure nothing else is working at the same time as recordings are activating and concluding.

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I have only tested the various recording options on my Shield Pro, using TiViMate just to see what all the fuss is about. I am retired so I get to watch anything I want when it airs. In the 2 weeks I ran my tests for anything from the wifes soaps to various sporting events I never had any problems. The 4 main countries I tried were Aus., USA, CDA and UK.

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My Main service is not available on Tivimate and I only record something in the rare case I can’t get it on VOD in KODI. But I did recently record a new documentary on the MLB Network with my backup service on Tivimate and it was fine

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What is your streaming device?

Shields have their own recording capabilities and will record virtually anything that is on the screen. Even if a program buffers it will still record the buffer. lol

Tivimate is very unforgiving to any buffering. It will stop the recording. Very hit and miss. I suggest Sparkle app. Much more forgiving.

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I have a MeCool KM7. I use to run a Minix unit but gave up on it after they stopped supporting it. I have had pretty good luck with the MeCool. Never heard of the Sparkle app

don’t give up on the minix unless its under-powered. If its android 9 or even 10 its much easier to work with.

Give Sparkle a try. It’s a becoming greater every update.


Sparkle just updated today

Get on the Sparkle Beta if using Android with Google Play Store.

I cannot even get Tivimate to set a reminder any longer. It keeps telling me to go to setting. This has happen since I received the last update. I will probably go to Sparkle.

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I had to get a second stream for my recording to work properly. Once i did the recording issue was gone. Now the guide is a different story that the iptv provider.

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The last Tivimate update was on March 2, 2023.

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You using a Firestick platform ? Or something else ?

Mecool android box

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which mecool?