Tivimate not backing up

Has anyone have the problem in tivimate not backing up on there removeable usb or micro scan disk

Just to verify, you are trying to back up your current Tivimate setup using the Backup feature? What is it doing that wont allow you to save?

I get a message say cannot backup, I turn off my vpn, i have tried different size micro chips i just purchase this McKool KM7 I purchase the tivimate guide about a year ago it works fine on my Buzz5 box with no problem been through all the setting they look good.

Maybe it is where you are trying to save the backup file. I know I have had issues with that. I don’t think it is related to the VPN being on, as mine has always worked. If you can, take us through the steps you use to try and save it. Where you are saving it, etc.

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  1. setting, general, scroll down to backup click on backup than choose micro disk click on download folder hit select than i get the message cannot backup

I believe AMD is correct…I would try a different folder…it doesn’t matter which folder a Tivimate backup is in…as long as you can identify it when you restore. And, you can probably go into your file manager & move it around anyway. When I backup/restore on my Mecool KM6 it automatically shows up in a folder labeled Tivimate.

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I save it into the internal storage of my Shield, then cut/paste using File Explorer, into a Cloud service. That way, I can access it from all of my boxes. But I don’t believe you can save it directly to the Cloud, and there are many locations that Tivimate just refuses to save it to.


Copy…when I did my first backup with Tivimate I immediately went into my file manager to see where it was…& voila’…it was sitting in its own folder labeled Tivimate…so that was easy peasy for the restore part of the equation. Now, on my ONN box I have to click on Main Storage/Download folder to find the backups. No biggie as its just a file manager & files can be moved about if I so desire. :cowboy_hat_face:


hey DRG…

Yes on most devices it wants u to use a particular folder

Internl shared storage> Download>
(put it there, it shld bckup/restore)

Then youd have to move it

Easier to use a ‘send anywhere’ app to move to othr devices
Othr reasons:



I do the same as @AMD237 . I create a folder in my internal download folder and name it tiviBU and then save my backup configs there. I will then copy that backup to my protondrive for safe keeping.


The message says: (fail to create backup) plus this box is only 3 days old

I am disputing it with paypal the unit doesn’t recognize its own drive when i try to back it up to the unit. this is the new KM7

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Make sure you are backing it up to your device storage it won’t create the backup if you try saving to your external storage. I had to use xplore file manager to move it to external storage after the fact this was my experience with this issue


also go into settings>>>apps>>>tivimate>>>>permissions and verify they are granted

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Use the System Picker feature.

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