Tivimate not backing up

I put it in the download folder and it said it did it successfully but when I used x-plore to transfer to my google drive nothing showed in my download folder. I don’t know anything about System picker. I read where this version of android will not allow access to the android folder - data.

I just tried it and in my X-plore it showed up under downloads. But perhaps you should try as @Powerfader said and use the system picker option and name your own folder so you can easily find it.So in explore on the left side under Internal Shared storage/storage/emulated/0 I click that to open it, scroll down and click Download, then under there for me is Downloader, Tivi Backup which is the folder I created using the System Picker in TiViMate.

I setup and sell these Mecool boxes so I just purchased this new KM7 but it is not acting like any of the others. On all the others I can go directly to a usb stick or the internal shared storage /storage/emulated/0. On my last try I created a folder under the download folder and I backed up tivimate to it. It shows it was a success so I opened X-plore to look at it and it was not there. I then went back into tivimate and selected restore and the backup shows up where I saved it. This is either a bug in the X-plore app or the new KM7 box. I will not be buying anymore or these KM7 boxes. I have found the KM6 to be the best.

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haven’t had problem, I have mecool km6, I always put in download ,has worked great.

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I have a km6 also and I love it plus I have sold about 5 of them. The problem is the KM7, stay away from it the $19.88 ONN box at Wal Mart is just as good. I brought the KM7 to try it out.

I also have beelink gt king pro, I like km6 better