Tivimate EPG won’t work


I just added two new iptv sources to my paid for Tivimate on my firetv cube.

Since adding the two free sources in addition to my previously installed and working fine paid subscription to IPTV non of my program guides seem to display. Everything shows No Information on the guide.

I have force closed the Tivimate, cleared the cache, removed the EPG and re downloaded the EPG which shows that it did download but still nothing appears in the guide.

Can someone please give me some suggestions on what needs to be done to get the EPG to work again.



I’m sure others will Chime in here but you mention you have a paid IPTV Service. If the EPG for that service is not working then I would let the service know and have them give you a reason why. I have a few FREE IPTV lists with some additional EPG sources as well but none of those EPG’s work as well as the one with my paid service

It all depends on your selected iptv service and what they have for an epg to download to the TiVimate server. Some of the less expensive or free iptv services lack any epg whatsoever, as these programming guides do take work to keep them updated. I happen to have 2 paid services, one of which does an excellent job of updating their epg, the other, not so much. TiVimate will not add anything to what your iptv service provides, including playback/program catchup if your service does not provide it.


What @sim_bill says is right. IPTV epg list are provided by most services except free iptv list and then its hit and miss with epg. I just installed tivimate on a meecool box and copied my data from another box(back-up) onto it. The epgs were updated within 5 minutes after install.
I have 3 paid services and 1 free. The free list I try and populate the epg mostly from my paid ones.

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Hey @DACH Have you gone into your individual playlists in settings & clicked on your EPG sources? You can move EPGs around to different playlists & update them individually in each playlist. You can also put all of them into each playlist…mix & match etc… When you get everything the way you want it, Clear EPG then Update EPG…hope this helps. :cowboy_hat_face:

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My paid service had a EPG and it works fine on my other devices including a second firetv cube. It just doesn’t work on the firetv cube that I have just added the new free sources to. One of which also has a EPG that works just not on my Tivimate that I have just added the two new free sources to.

Did you load that epg individually or was it in an xtream code? If individually, & it works on other platforms then I’d say you have an entry error. If xtream code…you can always delete playlist & reload…

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I have just tried everyone’s suggestions and it still doesn’t seem to work.

I don’t see a option to update individual epgs just the option to update all of them.

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My bad DACH…you can’t update individual EPGs…but if you disable all playlists but your paid one, you can then update its EPG by itself.


Thanks pangaeatech.

Tried that as well and no success.

I’m sure it won’t help, but I’m going to try and leave it for a few hours and see if it sorts itself out.

I just tried reloading the epg on my other fire cube and it seems very slow (but it did work) so maybe I’ll get lucky.

I’ll check back in a few hours if anyone else has any suggestions.

I’m still working on the other issue with adding a provider on my iPad.

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Copy that DACH…all epgs are autonomous to the playlists they are put on…so I’m very confused as to why you adding playlists/epgs would affect your paid service & its epg. I would do one more thing while you wait…reboot your device & your router (can’t hurt & could possibly help) then take a deserved break. :cowboy_hat_face:

Yes and doing so not only updates all epgs but those that are no longer viable will trigger a warning message at the bottom. You delete those as well as any non working playlists. There were about 6 sources that suddenly disappeared last week. Can’t remember the exact source and didn’t bother keeping them as I just replaced them with working sources. You’ll find many quality sources like github and playlists like the Free2View project with experience. So don’t lose sleep over free stuff you lose, tons of replacements. I also update my playlists every 2 hrs in the Update interval, hours setting under EPG and enable auto Update on app start and Update on playlists change. So, for instance I just updated everything, took about 10 minutes while I did other stuff and my epgshare01 failed to update, so I delete it and find a replacement. I have 22 EPGs loaded per playlist. I hope some of this helps you in TiViMate.


Did you try to Clear data from settings apps Tivimate then try to login again you will see the option to add m3u URL, and EPG link.

:question: Are you trying to use Tivimate on multiple devices with the same account.

My Tivimate EPG went down a couple of days ago No information shows on it but the IPTV service that is paid for EPG and is the only thing installed on Tivimate on their own works fine. I suspect the problem is with the IPTV service itself as all 3 of my firesticks went down at exactly the same time.


Not to hijack the topic, but yes, it will take a while for the epg to reboot and show. Nothing you can do but wait for your paid provider and the reboot time.

As I mentioned, last week 6 sources suddenly and mysteriously disappeared in my TiViMate. All were from cutt.ly I believe, and were free sources. This indicates the they were discontinued and without notice. I removed them and loaded other free ones. It happens.


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all their suggestions m.

It seems like my paid subscription EPG was not working. This morning I reloaded it and it seems fine now.

It was just a coincidence that it went down the same time I added a few free iptv providers.

Thanks again!


Yeah…that makes sense…it sure got me scratchin’ my head & :thinking: why/how that could even happen.
Glad it worked out :cowboy_hat_face:


I had to do the same thing the other day.

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