Tivimate EPG won’t work

I’ve been installing new IPTV services, only to find out they don’t have what I’m looking for. I disabled them in Tivimate and then noticed my epg wasn’t working. I went in to my applications and cleared the cache on all of them, then restarted my Firestick. I also unplugged the power to the Firestick for a couple of minutes. Went back in to Tivimate and still no epg. Backed up the data then went back in to applications and cleared the data. Went back in to Tivimate, restored data, and still nothing.
Can anyone help before I try out my new 1911 on the tv?

Sorry I don’t completely understand your post. You said you disabled your playlist. Do you still have a playlist installed? If so have you gone into the playlist and made sure to enable EPGs?

I disabled all the playlists from the services I wasn’t using. I still have the playlist for my current service.

And thebplaylist for your current aervice is not populating the EPG?

Come into the founders/patron lounge. I am helping someone else with the same problem

my EPG when down both 4k max and shield pro.

I received this last night from provider… Aware of the epg issues. Working on it.

Tivimate EPG settings can be accessed by,

Back button >Left button> Left button >Settings>EPG>EPG Sources - your provider url should be listed here

If correct, Click back button, scroll down to either Clear EPG and then Update EPG

You should also see at the bottom Latest update Status for EPG

My providers trying to say my problem. They’re trying to give me different EPG sources and then they want me to use their app. That’s what I hate about having these stupid customer support people don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

You’re speaking to the choir!

I hear ya @AJS1 and this is why I got to know my service provider through Discord and over the year, that I’ve been with him, I’ve developed an excellent rapport. It just adds that small amount of enjoyment to the hobby.

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Mine is back up finally

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Yeah @Miki when you tell him that both your 4K Maxx and your shield pro both have the same problem it’s not my system. I went ahead and tried their new EPG source even though I recognize it from another sub that I used to have I tried anyways no go. But while I was watching TV I saw the TV guide flash and looks like my EPG back up to working. They even gave me the wrong instructions on TV mate to add an EPG source.

Glad you got it sorted. When 3 different ppl ask me for help with their EPG in TiViMate, at the same time, the old Spidey senses go off and I figured it had to be on the suppliers end. Tx for keeping me updated @AJS1 . Have a great day my friend.

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