TiViMate EPG viewing

This may be a setting issue. but;
before the last VER update, when I selected a channel, program etc., I would get
the program in the “small” window, then when I selected it a second time it would go full screen.
Now I don’t get the "small’ window at all.
Also when I used to go from one “selection” to another the “small” screen would change,
allowing me to view the selection.
I checked alll of my “setting”. I don’t see an option for this .
Any one else seeing this?
Terry K

Settings>Appearance >TV guide>preview, set to on. You also don’t need to dbl click the chanel to get full screen. You can surf through a bunch of channels while the preview is playing, then rather than search for the channel you are previewing simply long press the return arrow and it will open the preview in full screen.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!

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Thanks “Miki” for the reply.
All of my settings are the same as yours.
The “long” press works, always did.
It’s just I no longer get a video preview of the channel I select with out opening it.
Terry K

Enable “preview” as per my instructions. If that isn’t working then you may have a corrupt app and will need to do a complete uninstall/reinstall and setup. But I tend to think that the “preview” option is not enabled.

All of my settings are the same as yours.
The “preview” would be nice to have, again.
This all seemed to start, with me, on the latest Ver update.
The “uninstall” thing is not an issue for me.
If the reinstall is as much of a pain as the orig install, that would be an issue for me.
I had to go through the hole " Android phone thing".
Terry K

Is it just showing a black screen? If so look in settings>player>disable (Show black screen when switching channels)

The “Show black screen ----” is NOT enabled.
I am getting a black preview screen WITH audio.
If I go back to the EPG the preview freezes.

Just like magic. My preview screen(s) came back.
I just noticed this morning!
It wasn’t working last night.
Thanks for all the replies. I guess I will chalk this up to an anomaly.
I didn’t change as thing in settings.
Terry K

That Miki got ESP watch him!

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My apologies, the issue is still there.
It seems to be channel specific. Some channels “preview”, some don’t ;:
before asked, it is happening on the same provider(s).

I was doing some research concerning your issue when I came across this in Reddit. It seems others have experienced the same issue over the past several years and just as you experienced. It seemed to correct itself for no apparent reason. Still haven’t found what causes this issue to happen in the first place.

most likely an epg glitch of some sort and out of your control.


An EPG glitch seems to be a viable reason, to me.

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If you have discord join the TiViMate community and see if anyone there has suggestions.

I’ve already asked in that group for assistance and so far (as usual) no one ever responds. Not really all that impressed with group. meh

That’s a shame. I’ve enjoyed interacting with most there. But as usual ymmv.

Tivimate has been around long enough and really hasn’t added anything new in a very long time. So, almost any issue has already been discussed and posted somewhere on the net and all the features have been thoroughly discussed and reviewed.

I just give out that Discord invite to people who are somewhat new to Tivimate and or tech in general.

Here’s another site for you if you like it, but as in all these sites. The developer never visits or posts anything in any of them. However, I have heard it rumored that he has read a few posts? :person_shrugging:

(1) TiviMate (reddit.com)

Got it tx. There have been times I’ve asked questions there and got an excellent answer. But honestly I haven’t been there in months. I have a full TiViMate manual that someone posted a long time ago. It’s around here somewhere. Updates do come on a regular basis but once you get things done for how you want to use it, you rarely have problems to resolve. Very dependable and reliable.

Sorry wrong link. Deleted.

The Linkedin CEO is a flaming loony lib who is bankrolling lawyers to represent DNC actors.

Yeah, they are all pretty much the same. Not saying they are bad, but if you have been using Tivimate for many years. There is very little you haven’t encountered or features you haven’t explored.

Again, nothing wrong with that because Alex made an outstanding player to begin with and really not too much needs to be added that would make any significant improvements.