TIVIMATE dead stop no external USB access

So after a few days of TIVIMATE trials have found the following.

1). TIVIMATE requires SMB samba version 2 to allow connection of a networked location. Most old routers have only smb1 so you can not really connect to a USB plugged into a router.

  1. external USB memory can not be connected to TIVIMATE on many devices that use Android 10 for tv. Something blocks that from working with most older fire sticks and current ONN sticks and devices.

3). Supposedly fire stick 4K MAX can get around this limit and use an external USB. Because of how modern that fire stick is with os software. Also the most new chrome stick can work with TIVIMATE.

  1. don’t try to build a NAS with raspberry pi or a used Mac mini as you might not get SMB to work for version 2. You may be better off with a full NAS for $300.

Comments appreciated. TIVIMATE does work well with nvidia shield pro device.

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I have hooked up tivimate with smb-1 with no problem…several times and different ways. So tivimate is not the culprit here. imho


Based on what im reading its older units with older os versions. Thats my theroy anyway.


most likely, I know services like emby require open smb to work

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The reason I believe for this as nvidea knows how to work with androids scoped storage and “most” others do not. I agree the shield is pretty much plug and play, flawless, easy setup. People are having difficult times often when attaching storage etc…nvidea has the know how techs, ive spent hours messing with this stuff and all I can really conclude is that Nvidea ROCKS… nuff said :eyes: :joy:


Can you share screen capture of your SMB 1 settings in TIVIMATE? Have never seen anyone show actual settings that are successful in a network.

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All you should need is the proper M3U playlist and EPG config from your provider.

Sorry just saw this question. I used smb1 because emby requires guest access to work properly. So basically I wanted to record with emby and tivimate to the same location. I used xplore to open my server config on android devices(basicall lan settings etc) I used my routers usb set with smb1 and a share folder on external hard drive. Then I directed all tivimate and emby recordings to the shared folder via smb1. xplore is the key to make it work.

Are you trying to record iptv on tivimate ? If so you can use iptv extreme iptv player from tp rapid installer it doesnt block using external usb storage as dvr

Will try IPTV EXTREME to see how it works. Have used SPARKLE TV which will record to USB. Would like other alternatives.

Looks like IPTV EXTREME crashes if it detects an ad blocker. So looks like will need to bypass the SURFSHARK to get it working to test.

Well I know extreme IPTV players for sure have tried it on numerous devices when I couldn’t get tivimate to record have any problems just ask