Tivimate companion captcha verify loop

I am getting a captcha loop with TiviMate companion.
I have been checking off buses and fire hydrants for fifteen minutes. :rage:
Using TiviMate companion on BlueStack5 on a windows 11 laptop.
Anybody any ideas on what is going on?

no idea, maybe its a windows thing. Just fired it up on my phone and all good.

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Just tried it on mine (same setup as you) & didnā€™t have any problems opening companionā€¦with or without vpn on. Maybe close & clearā€¦run Fast Task Killerā€¦uninstall/reinstall itā€¦I guess what Iā€™m trying to say is: just keep fiddling with it till yer head explodes :face_with_spiral_eyes: :exploding_head: :eyes: GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:

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Just put the app on your phone. It only has 1 function.

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I have an iphone. Does the app work on it?

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I have no idea, I own nothing Apple. Do you have any Android, other phone, tablet, etc?

Donā€™t think so, but you can put it on a tablet. Unless that is an Apple. I bet you can put Bluestacks on your phone and then you could put the Companion in that.

Tivimate for IOS [Apple, MacBook, iPhone] 2023 (tivimates.net)

Tivimate Companion iPhone [iOS, MacBook, Apple] 2023 (tivimates.net)

No. The companion app doesnā€™t install on IPhones.

That stinks. Iā€™ll keep my thoughts about Apple to myselfā€¦Mama always said if you donā€™t have anything nice to say, donā€™t say anything at all.


I would have thought so too, but the article I just posted has some sort of a workaround for using the Companion app on an Apple.

Ya but look at this quote:
Once Tivimate is installed, open the app and go to settings > ā€œAdvanced settingsā€ > ā€œCompanionā€ and make sure ā€œEnable Companionā€ is turned on.
Now go into your Firestick TiViMate app>Settings and tell me where you find ā€œAdvanced settingsā€?

Yeah, I just re-read the article. It looks more like some guy who doesnā€™t know what he is talking about.

Although, I betcha he could still install Bluestacks on his hone and then he could get the Companion app.

Either that or just go to Wally World and get the cheapest Trac Phone with a pay as you go plan.

I tried to get a customer to use bluestacks or any emulator. After an hour attempting it, he borrowed his friends Android phone and had it up and TiViMate running in under 10 minutes.


At this point I would call my 5th cousin twice removed who had an Android tablet and ask her to put Companion on it for me.

Tivimate Companion iPhone [iOS, MacBook, Apple] 2023 (tivimates.net)

Same as I posted earlier. The link goes to a site where one of the first instruction is>
Once Tivimate is installed, open the app and go to settings > ā€œAdvanced settingsā€ > ā€œCompanionā€ and make sure ā€œEnable Companionā€ is turned on.

Now notice the ā€œAdvanced settingsā€. This simply does not exist in TiViMate on the 4k Max. So there isnā€™t any ā€œEnable Companionā€ setting to turn on. Now Iā€™ll have to log out of TiViMate and see if this setting is then available in the ā€œFreeā€ version.

Gotcha, was just surfing around and found it. I thought maybe it was already posted.

It was and others have told me about this posted option but after a new install on a 4k Max I never could find any ā€œAdvanced settingsā€. So I wonder where this came from. We messed around for about an hour and then he borrowed a friends Android phone and we got him up and running in about 10 minutes.

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I am going to try an older version of TiviMate companion. Where is a safe site to download it from? A google search shows a lot of sites, but not sure if they are safe.

TiviMate Companion APK for Android Download (apkpure.com)