Time to drop Firestick for Nvidia Shield?

Now that Amazon is disabling custom launchers, soon it will be side loaded apps.

Is it time to dump Amazon??
That would be a shame, I have become quit skilled at modifying the Firestick. I can now build a FULLY LOADED Firestick from the comfort of my desk in about 2 hours. I can load everything remotely from my computer. I am working on a guide I will share with my fellow Troypointers.

I am thinking about getting the Nvidia Shield, but know nothing about them. I would like to get some advice:

  1. I know it is running Android software, so will any APK app run on it?
    Will TP Rapid App Installer App work? Will apps in RAI install on Shield?
  2. Has anyone installed X-Plore on Shield? This is a much needed app my streaming devices.

Any other input or comments would be greatly appreciated.



I have a Shield Pro and to answer your questions…Yes to the APK’s I found and wanted (not sure what you mean by “any”) Yes to the TP RAI and Yes X-Plore is available and I have it installed


Streaming 429 thanks for the info.

What about Kodi?

Remote ADB access?


Vysor (RDP access to device)?

Thanks again.

Kodi works fine, I don’t use it but I do download it and then delete when I’m bored just to play around with different things. I have not used Remote ADB access or Vysor. I do run TiViMate on it and am beyond impressed with it


Thanks for the additional info
What are some of your favorite apps you have on the Shield?


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Not a huge power user. Mainly basic streaming apps that my Wife and Grandkids watch….Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max etc. I run Surfshark VPN on everything in the house. TP RAI is a must as is Downloader. I screw around with Unlinked once in a while. Analiti Speed Test, X-Plore and DefSquid are mainstays on all of our devices


Yes! To all your questions, but nVidia has it’s issues, too. They just did an update that is causing issues for a lot of peeps. They are working on fixes, but all is not right yet. Also, they too have ads, but a simple launcher takes care of that.

All in all, nVidia pro is still the king of the hill, but Ugoos AM7 and UT8 are fast approaching and are 2nd only to the nVidia pro.


Take a look at some of the less expensive Generic android boxes like the T95Z Plus. I’ve had 2 of em for about 3-4 Years and at the Price of the firestick 4K or maybe a wee bit more you get a ton of RAM and Storage with some nice bells and Whistles


As a former Nvidia Shield owner and convert to Ugoos open android devices, I would recommend you look at the Ugoos boxes mentioned by others in this post and look at Troy’s review of the Ugoos AM 7 before you decide on getting the Shield. Nvidia did a recent update that is causing some problems. In addition, the Android TV operating system, along with home screen bloatware creates it’s own set of issues. The Ugoos devices have a root switch and run on open android, which allows you to exercise greater freedom to download what you want and customize your box. Those Troypoint members who have purchased Ugoos devices can testify to their quality and flexibility. I happen to own a Ugoos AM6 B, which was the top rated box right behind the Nvidia Shield in 2021.


Unfortunately there are certain APK’s that are not compatible with the Nvidia Shield.


Seeing all these posts about issues with the amazon Sticks and now problems with the Shield furthers my conviction that the Generic (T95Z Plus and others) lower priced boxes are the Winners for now

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Well we give up the Devil we know, for the one we don’t. For now Google may seem to be the savior, but are they? Only time will tell.



You can pretty much load anything on the Nvidia minus a few little issues.

Dont upgrade to something expensive without going throw your expectations and needs. Android tv is probably the best option on the box onlong with other stuff, it also depends on your setup.

A genric unrestricted box for just movies and tv shows will work just as good. But wont have full hd for paid apps.


As an option, one can usually load any premium hd service off their smart tv’s App Store if their open android box won’t allow the option. I can get Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Sling, along with a bunch of other premium services if I want to. As long as you have a smart tv, you can get access to these high definition premium services no matter what your tv box allows.

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I love my Shield. My biggest problem with it is no on/off switch. When I shut it down completely from the menu and I want to turn it back on I have to unplug it, then plug it back in. For the price of these units there should be a way to turn it on and off more easily.


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My shield pro shuts down when I turn off the TV using my remote, but I also believe setting where I have my Nvidia Pro go to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Go to Settings>Device Preferences>Display & Sound>Power Control and enable the settings you want. I have them all enabled and both my Nvidia and TV turn off with one click using the remote or will both turn off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity. Btw, I have that inactivity setting to not turn off during media playback in the Energy Saver settings.

Edit: Oh, now I see what you are talking about. The only time that I will unplug it is for a full reset of my entire setup, meaning modem, router, tv, device for about 20-30 minutes. I do that about once a month. Although I have that on a mechanical timer plug and set for this procedure to happen every 30 days at 2:00 a.m.

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Weight untill they get the updates right .

From what I have read on all the other groups on Discord, Telegram, XDA, Reddit, etc… YES, IT IS TIME! No one is even talking about a fix. In fact, they talking about it getting worse!

IMHO. I think nVidia is somewhat safe for the time being, but I would make sure you have auto updates TURNED OFF!

The recent turn of events regarding Amazon, Google, and even the nVidia update fiasco could lend rise to open source Android devices such as the Ugoos lineup!


Reminds me of the old sayin’ …

The grass is always greener over the Septic Tank… :skull_and_crossbones: