There's so many builds

I really don’t know where to start. Brand new at this kodi deal. Could use some insight if you guys have any. What are your recommendations annnd why?


Kodi is soooo yesterday :rofl: … just kiddin’ Try to stick with a smaller build or go bare bones and add only what you want. I still have kodi but rarely use it. I have the Doomzday Sports101 that seems to perform pretty good.

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I started using Kodi about 8 years ago. There is going to be a learning curve and some frustration involved. But hang in there, it will get better the more you use it and get familiar with Kodi. I used to use builds all the time. Seemed like every time a newer build came out, I was installing it. Now years later, I am finding it much easier to manage by just installing the Addons I use most. The Crew, Oath, Venom, and Marauder are all I have installed in Kodi. I also integrate Real Debrid with each of them. I get all my sports, live USTVGO, movies, and any TV series I want to watch. There are plenty of Troypoint instructions for builds and separate addons installations. Use the search function on this site and read and watch videos. You will learn and get better. Hope this helps.


Personally, I hate using builds. I only use The Crew add-on with real-debrid and haven’t needed anything else. I use Tivimate with my IPTV service.


Yeah I’ve just been messing around with it all morning. Side question, I have a third gen toshiba fire tv, the 4k one. I feel like it runs so slow once I install just a few addons on it. I did get a random USB I had to work as storage just by plugging it in to the USB port on the TV but it hasn’t really helped all that much. Would I get better results if I bought a fire stick and just install my apks on that? Or maybe just a bigger USB? And I was debating buying a otg cord, is that necessary if I don’t have a fire tv stick?

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Hi @Miserylives
If you are wanting to record and it store things then the usb is the way to go. Both @Jayhawks659 and @TROYPOINT have videos out here in the forum that are excellent guides to get you set up which helps. If you just want to stream, try debloating some of Amazons programs and see if that won’t help some, and using X-Plore app to go in and completely delete folders that are hogging space helps too.
Good luck.

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What apps are you running? The UI being slow is something you can deal with as long as video playback is smooth. Pretty much the only apps I use on a regular basis are Tivimate, Kodi w/ a single add-on, and my VPN.

Honestly probably way to many. I installed everything I could off the rapid installer and then added a build on top of it. I reset to factory so I’ll try again and just do way less. I tried using a debloater app but I think I did it wrong the first time. I’ll see if I can get it to work with nothing else installed.

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diggs zenon plus used with real debrid its great !!!


I know u probably have this but background apps and processes list app is a must have. You can force stop all the apps that r still running in background. I have a stick w/ otg cable. Only have my iptv account on internal storage, everything else is on usb. Plus have it debloated. Mine runs great


Builds are so pretty! BUT, there is alot that you won’t use.I took the advice from one other member and deleted my build and reinstalled Kodi and did one add-on only, The Crew. I never really thought about all the updating that went on in the background on add-ons that I woul never use, thus slowing down Kodi. Using only one add-on it updates very quickly because I watched his video on how to streanline the product to work very well. Kodi is my backup in case Cinema or Syncler has issues. It’s nice to know that it works very efficiently


Can you share the link to this video?Thanks.

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There are a couple of builds that have minimal screen clutter that are as far from a conventional kodi build as you can probably get.
Stream Digital Media Centre (SDMC) being one of them.
One Alliance Reborn (1ar) the other.

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