The Perfect Movie & TV Show Streaming Setup

Originally published at: The Perfect Movie & TV Show Streaming Setup

Over the past couple of years, many cord cutters have moved away from Kodi in favor of APKs, which are Android applications. Examples of APKs include Cinema, Syncler, FilmPlus, etc. The Fire TV Stick is still the weapon of choice for those looking to stream free movies and TV Shows. Its inexpensive and simple to…



This is very informative and it’s really all you need for streaming.

The best kodi addons for me have always been seren and crew. Syncler is also really good.

I’d like to point out that recently someone put out a provision app that makes the syncler setup alot easier, I have included it the patron exclusive guide.

Also if users don’t want to pay for syncler plus and use real debrid kodi with crew and seren is the way to go.

I’d also like to mention stremio is also really good with a real debrid account.

All in all with the limited storage on the firestick all you would ever need for shows and movies is what’s posted here.

Thanks again for all you have done here, I wish everyone the best in there cord cutting.


Thanks for this timely post. I can personally say for anyone who lands here this works great. I’ve been using this exact set up for a few years and I have never had any problem viewing any movie, tv show or game. Using Troy’s tutorials @TROYPOINT make set up a snap. Real-debrid is the only way to go. I too have played around with the settings within Kodi to give me the best audio and video experience with these two add-ons and a couple of Patron members have made some terrific guides and post to get you going (search above @Jayhawks659 and @TP-Dracoo). I’ve just started to playing with Stremio as @TP-Dracoo mentioned too. All in all this undoubtedly as mentioned makes this the ultimate guide to streaming. I run this on my Firestick and my android device in case that was a question anyone has without a single issue.


Please note that Seren will only show cached torrents by default if you are using real debrid. The Crew does not, and you need to manually change your settings in the add-on.

I still prefer the layout of the crew. I find it easier to read the info of the links and find specific things like 4K TrueHD HDR 10bit, etc.

However, I recently installed a Kodi fork that allows the streaming of Dolby Vision files. Seren will label these sources, whereas the crew does not. So if I specifically want to watch a Dolby Vision movie I will switch over to Seren.

P.S. How many links you get in either depends on your scraper settings. They are both pulling sources from the same place. Your preemptive termination or time out settings may be different between add-ons.


Seren, The Crew and The Oath. Top class all 3. All have been consistently good for the past couple of years. Never go anywhere else.
I pay $18 every 6 months for RD.


I have been using The Oath over The Crew for the past week or so. I have have found more links in the Kodi add-on then in Cinema. I think Kodi has caught up and is a better then the APK’s.


Ive got to say since learning about syncler and setting it up the right way I honesty cant think of any app including kodi that does a better job with movies. Syncler just works and couple that with Tivimate not much more one could want. Yea I keep a copy of Film+ , cinema…etc…etc laying around but I rarely open them up. I even keep a Loaded Kodi Doomzday sports 101 but never really go there.

Troypoint got me here after much trial and error…Im set. However I enjoy modding, breaking things and re-building :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


KODI for sure. Past few years I’ve been using KODI, RD, and Trakt.TV It’s a Great setup. I also found a great group that has maintained their builds flawlessly for the past few years. I’d post the name here but not sure if we are allowed or not


I wish I’d seen this post a year ago when I got my Shield Pro! Oh well, better late than never.

I have a couple of things that I need my streaming option to offer that are not I guess common problems for many but it has been a long period of trial and error to get something that works for me.

Here are the two things that I had to find a solution for. 1. I live in condo building and no matter how good my connection, it does fluctuate especially during prime time hours when everyone in the building is streaming and I find my streams stop suddenly at times. It is also the time my wife wants to watch something. 2. My wife has some problems with her hearing so we absolutely must have subtitles on everything.

So for the first problem, I have had to dl in advance anything we want to watch so it doesn’t drop out on us. And for the second, I have learned firsthand how frustrating subtitles can be.

I did Kodi first and then was encouraged to try Syncler+ to make it more wife-friendly so she could navigate it without my help. But there are two problems I have encountered with dl and with subtitles that are just too much of a hassle to troubleshoot.

So now it’s back to Kodi and I’ve found something that works great for me. First off, I tried the Crew and seren but had some issues with each. I now use Fen as my primary source. I have the crew and seren and the oath as backups if I need them for some reason.

And I didn’t mention RD and Trakt because I consider them no-brainers. You have to start with those. I went with Diggz build because I’m dabbling in some other things like playing old games and such. Maybe the next reload of Kodi I’ll forego the build approach but it’s just easier for now.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at now. That could change later. Who knows?


I’ve been Syncler only for some time but after seeing the email on Seren / Crew I set it all up. I remember these when I use to only do Kodi or both methods. Got tired of Kodi due to addons shutting down so often although APKs can to. I’ll still use Syncler majority of time but play around with all of this. Always need options in this streaming world. :smiley:


I currently have the Xenon Plus 7.0 build on Kodi. I was going to try this setup. Do I have to reset Kodi and clear the build I have on there now?


If I may be so bold and suggest Stremio. It’s an app and service that is free. It has addons that are easy to add from the configuration menu as well as a number of subtitle choices, also very easy to configure. This, unlike kodi, does not add a huge amount of data or cache on the firestick as everything is kept in your account on the server including what you’ve watched and you can go anywhere and add the app to any streaming device, log in, and you will see all of your stuff, and your configuration is automatically loaded, without your input, other than user name and password. You can stop any vod part way through and restart it from that spot anytime. You don’t even need to take a device with you as long as there is a device to load the app on. This app also loads entire seasons/years and often supplies you with links to older stuff.


Ive seen stremio mentioned before…bout to give it a spin :face_with_monocle:


Hello @deb410s I would suggest installing my Kodi 19 fork in the Rapid App Installer and use that for this setup. That way, you can keep your current Kodi configuration intact.


@MarkxG yes that is perfectly fine to post the name of the group. Thank you.


Tried updating one of my devices from kodi 18.9 to 19.3

Tried to install Revolution add-on and come to find out dejavurepo is no more

it’s gone


A lot of people really like the form and functionality of the crew, seren or the oath seems to be best run along side Real-dibrid. Ive been using it myself for months and knock on wood but haven’t had any issues what so ever. Just my 2 cents hope it helps. Good luck.

Bam :boom:


I find Kodi addons w/real-debrid so much better than the apk’s that are out there. Some might feel it’s extra work ,but it really isn’t because It’s much easier to find links and get them to play than with apk’s(at least for me). Basically the setup Troy describes here is the perfect way to stream.


I noticed it was gone also. Not on github. Do not know why.


Seeing as I have Syncler +, RD and Trakt VIP I don’t feel the need for much else, but in saying that I’m bored tonight so might install Kodi again on the firesticks and give this Seren a whirl :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the walk though my friend, all very appreciated :+1: