The death of Android TV

Oh a lot different. Even the tools are way different, as well as the layout, where functions are placed in the sub settings categories and so on.

Oh OK,
Yeah, I see what you mean. The tools themselves are tucked into different menus.

I never had the Max, but I just recently set up a 4k that had been factory reset & added 8Gb of memory, and it wasn’t hard to do…except on my thumb expanding the memory (EEK). I really didn’t think it was wildly different in doing anything that he wanted done.

They are both Android, but that’s where the similarities end. Take screen scaling. It’s a pain in the butt on Android TV but much easier on FireTV with a much easier to use gui on the Max. I do like the keyboard on AndroidTV it has a couple of added functions that are better than FireTV.

Does the Max allow for custom screen scaling?
(I could see where that’d be a big deal for you in terms of customizing a bunch of devices for the different people that you help.)

On the ONN, it’s simple, but you only have control over zooming to fit the screen.

Yes. That’s the thing. The Max GUI for scaling is super easy. The on screen chevrons show

you exactly where the edge of the picture is. The ONN and KM2 you can’t even see where the edge of the pic is untill you back out of the zoom.

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None of this is based in fact. Its just your opinion! And as a wise man once said" opinions are like a holes, everybody has one and yours stinks".

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Wow. That was uncalled for. All my comments are based on personal experience and are fact. Sorry this discussion upset you so.

Not upset at all. You should be for spewing garbage. Im lol at you to tell you the truth.

I did tell the truth in it’s entirety. If you feel that your reality is different then rather than insult another member have an adult conversation.

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The nVidias have that feature, also.


That’s excellent. I didn’t mention the Shield as I’ve never had the chance to try one. I hope they release a new Shield some time soon.

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Yea, andriodtv isnt ending. Whats happening is these brands is are trying to become the major factor for an operating system. The funny part is they are all android based systems. Its brand name really.

Stock android
Mobile android.

None of it is going away not yet anyway. You will always be able to get some sort of android platform.

Its like apple which started as a modfied linux system. Their phones where based on palm hand helds and in fact android touch screens where around before apple.

And no the firetv really isnt different from googletv or android. It’s the same thing just some different layouts and functions, depends on the codding.


That’s not the case with my ONN. The display shrinks or expands as you adjust the zoom.
There are 2 issues with it on the ONN, though,
-The pointers on the Stick is easier to see than watching for when the arrows touch the parameter of the display. With the ONN, the boundaries do visibly expand or contract while you’re adjusting, but it’s not as obvious as the FS’s interface.
-The maximum setting is 100%. That has not been an issue for us, but I could see that would be a problem in your case when you are dealing with more than your own equipment.

The adjustment isn’t in an obvious location.
It’s Device preferences>Display (so far, so good)>Screen position…“screen position” is kind of a misnomer IMO.

I love that you enjoy digging into a devices settings. Good way to learn


Well I think we used this topic up. To conclude: TP-Dracoo is exactly right. AndroidTV will never die. It’s the foundation of our streaming world. The main reason for this is that GoogleTV is not, and never will be, an OS. It is merely a “layer” on top of the AndroidTV foundation. From what I understand GoogleTV is being introduced to add many new features and capabilities, like AI. Going to be interesting to see this whole thing in action.
Have Fun and STREAM ON!


Good point, Draaco.

It’s analogous to OS systems on computers.
At the nearly most fundamental level, they all have their roots in Unix.

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I have Google TV on my Hisense tv. Looks great and integrates with Google assistant and other Google apps and Alexa as well.

Yup GoogleTV is good and like FireTV worth using.

Not sure if 6G is available here or where you are, but a buddy is using with the new Cube that works on it. He is only supposed to be getting 400 mbs, but speed tests are showing in the high 800s on the new Cube. He can’t figure out why…but isn’t complaining.

OMG. That is awesome. I’ve been waiting to hear about someone with the 6. It is here but they are focusing on Commercial accounts for the 6 and 6e. No residential.