The crew addon not giving resume option

Hi was wondering if anyone can tell me why kodi no longer keeps track of watched episodes and if i stop a episode it doesn’t give me the option to resume when i come back later i even tried using bookmarks it says it creates the bookmark but when i go back its gone

Use trakt, beat solution

I do use it but it still wont resume episode

Older versions of kodi use to work fine i wonder if its a setting im missing

I use the addon The Promise and it keeps track of episodes watched and will give me the option to pick up where I left off on an episode if it is the same day. If it is another day, then that option is gone. Not a deal breaker by any means. I do not find it awfully annoying to fast forward to where I was. It obviously bothers some people.

Homelander keeps track of watched episodes.

Ok i might give another addon a try i just really like the crew cant believe it wont work thanks

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Has anyone been able to figure out if The Crew can resume where you left off in a show? I recently installed Kodi 21 and The Crew. I hate messing with anything once i get it working. In my opinion Kodi isn’t the easiest program to mess with but then I am getting old. It is frustrating to have to fast forward from the beginning of a show or movie if you have to stop in the middle for whatever reason. Hopefully it is just something i missed in the setup?

Hey i use the last played addon it will keep a track of so many videos you played. Its in the aliunde repo.

Trakt TV does that if you have scrobbling enabled in the addon. But I’ll Admit it is hit or miss at times. It seems to work more consistently in the Umbrella Addon lately from what I’ve seen

Ugg I am so not tech savvy. Is it that The Crew doesn’t offer resume? Should I just switch from that to something else? Trying to do this the simplest way. If there are any suggestions please state them in the easiest way. I am proud of myself that I was able to install Kodi and Real Debrid but that’s about the limit of my knowledge.

I don’t think the crew has a built in resume option. As mentioned in other posts, you can use a separate addon to accomplish this. But I would move on to a different addon such as Umbrella. I have no issues resuming from where I left off with that addon.

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I know in the affenity addon that it has an in progress section in tv and movies section.

Have you tried to activate the playback option in the settings?

In the Settings go to Playback and scroll to the botton for the options

-Resume Playback and Auto Resume.

I dont usually use The Crew anymore but give this a try.

Otherwise as mentioned already Trakt is the way to go. Its free.

I have, and it only seemed to work if you pick the same exact stream as you did before. I don’t think it synced completely with Trakt.

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If I install the afFENity add on will it give me
The option to resume a show if I come back into it the next day? I tried Trakt and it does track what you watch but never resumed where I left off. All the resume options on The Crew are enabled. I just want to make sure that whatever I install will give me the option to resume where I left off be it a show or a movie. Thanks.

To be honest, i dont know if i can answer this. But the answer is here somewhere.

I use a build, trakt and different addons. Everytime i stop a movie or tv show and go back to resume, i always get asked if i want to play from the beginning or at the time stamp i last watched.

It’s either my build, trakt or the addon doing it. My guess is one of the first two as i dont remember changing this setting in the addons myself.

Since you dont use a build and trakt isnt doing what you want. Just try different addons settings until you find what you need.