The Crew Addon - Differing Search Results

Hello team,
I’m a new member - just joined…
Am hoping one of you guys can help sort out a strange problem.

Have 2 android boxes (same make) running Kodi 18.9 Leia (no debrid account), same VPN service
Have Crew v.0.84 on the one (was loaded part of old Xanax build) my first box
v1.0.4 on the other (loaded from crew repo, my newer box)

The older version consistently finds links that the newer version doesn’t. I’d expect this to be the other way around. I’d like to get the same results on each - do I have to find/download the old version OR is there something I need to set in config - checked but could not find differences (still could be though).

Any help./comments/ideas are appreciated.

Many Thanks

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Welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting a question that hasn’t been answered a thousand times already lol. I am actually pretty curious about this one.

So just to confirm, you do not have a real-debrid account or any other premium service linked to the old device? All of the sources you are pulling are free ones? And you confirmed this in the resolver settings?

What was your process like to go through and compare the settings? Did you have two TVs side by side with both devices loaded up and go step by step through all the settings to make sure they match? There has to be something different. I can’t imagine that the difference in add-on versions would have anything to do with it. I would suspect that the old one that was actively managed via a Kodi build had additional settings configured for scraper sources.

When you go under playback settings do you have the line checked for “Filter-out duplicate links”?

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Although I do strongly encourage getting real-debrid, you can check out this video I made that goes through The Crew settings. I explain what some of them are and how they work. It might be worth your while to watch it once or twice. Even though your old device is pulling more sources than your newer one, you still may be able to tweak the settings on both devices to get even more sources than you are now.


Hi Jayhawks,
I’ll review that guide - maybe it will point something out.

A few answers on your questions…

  • I don’t have an account, maybe something came wit the Xanax build
  • I compared the two manually - the providers/resolveurl displays are different from one version to another - makes sense to me that there’s an additional scraper source somewhere (I don’t know how to add another anyways - maybe the guide can help if I find the different one).
    ALL the sources are enabled (both systems).
    Other options are the same - including filter duplicates enabled.
    Yes, must be missing something though.


It’s possible the 2 versions are not has synced up with link gathering.

What i mean the 18.9 build is way mote utilized than the 19.1…

And I believe some scrappers and link finders are just not updated to 19.1 so you get fewer links especially with older shows/movies.

I don’t know if this is actually happening. It’s my theory. But it’s a possibility.

I use both builds on 2 boxes and I have a real debrid account. Having tje debrid account doesn’t matter with the versions. But free content might be effected.

Hi Dracco

  • Both android boxes are running 18.9/Leia so that should eliminate that cause. I’ve not updated to 19.1 as yet.
  • It’s free content links.
  • On both boxes - if I click on an RD link, the player attempts to play for a moment, then cancels. I have to then drop down to the next link as it “thinks” it was successful and wont auto increment to next.
    wife still runs satellite, so I’m just not so keen registering an RD account - more cost. 'Tis the age of getting nickel-and-dimes to death at 15-20 bucks a month for everything, subscription bullshit is what I say. Still have my OTA antenna - just not in good area for reception - lol.

As for real-debrid and VPN… It’s my understanding when running RD, you have to turn off RD - is that right? Kind of defeats the purpose, though, you really are not anonymous…

I went through Jayhawks video, didn’t see anything there that can help me. This is quite irritating. what is so special about this Xanax build version of the crew addon?

I dont have any input on the differentiated free streams but I would like to correct a perception issue. You can use a VPN when streaming Real-Debrid feeds. This also applies to Premuimize and I am almost 100% sure for every other premuim service although I can only speak to RD and Premuimize as these are the 2 services I personally use.

I beleive your confusion may be stemming from some of the instructional videos where it is suggested to turn your VPN off during the install.

For the small amount of money (understand may be different for other folks) the stream quality is well worth the price (not to mention waiting for the gambling scripts to finally disappear :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

Hope this helps and happy streaming

The two version of crew are very different in settings…

Old (.84) - has providers settings tabs, Providers, RDproviders, Torrentproviders

New (1.04) - has NO providers tabs, does have resolveurl-universion and resolveurl 1-9 entries
Values they have are not the same…

  1. Can’t find the equivalent “providers” listing in the NEW (very strange - has to be there somewhere)
  2. Can;t find the resolveurl in the OLD

Unable to compare sources.

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Thanks for clearing that up. Disable just at install/registration time

Found ResolveURL addon under manage-dependencies/add-ons/system settings in OLD version.
Lots of differences, and lots of similar entries (obviously changed over time)

Can the resolveURL entries account for the different results? Or is it just the providers?

So… Where is the “Providers” info on 1.04 version of the crew addon?

Honestly in my experience I forget and have my VPN on when entering RD or Premuimized credentials on setup and it still “works” so I think it is somewhat dependent on bandwidth and also may be APK specific. However you have the right idea about always using a VPN and I would highly suggest trying out RD - it makes a HUGE difference and considering the cost as it relates to actual rental cost its pennies on the dollar.

I don’t use builds, I install my own apps because I think it takes up to much space and I haven’t decided on a vpn or real debrid as of yet.
I haven’t use real debrid because I don’t want to activate a lot of my apps because I don’t want to tell the clients that they need to spend and don’t want to deal with they bothering me with logins.
Installing crew I enable F… INDIGO, that comes within the crew application.
I think that helps to keep the app working.
If using kodi you should install a cleaner the comes with app Diamond, which cleans kodi each time you boot up kodi which I think would if I used a build I would install and elimate the non working apps within.

I read the their privacy/terms of service policies for Real-Debrid

  1. They retain records online for 1 month, backups to 1 year
  2. They will share data with legal authorities if compelled
  3. A VPN won’t obfuscate your link log data - it uniquely identifies you to your account. Email accounts are also traceable. Anonymity is difficult to achieve.

I agree with comments on low cost/available links. Just not interested in moving forward with it as yet.

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As I looked more into this. Kodi changed to python 3 while most where on python 2.

Alot of stuff still needs to be updated so that will contribute to different links and content.

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So we are dealing with a bug in the newer version of The Crew Addon? (maybe it’s related to Python upgrade)
The only way to know for sure is if I can download v0.84 of the The Crew on my newer box, overwriting v1.04 and then compare search results.
I’m not sure I can get the older copy…

Sorry to be blunt about it, but beggars can’t be choosers. You can continue wasting all this time trying to find free links, or you can spend the $3/month on real-debrid and be streaming anything you want in better quality. Seems like a no-brainer to me, but everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do.


As far as the government knowing what you’re doing… Do you really think they are going to come after the end user? ACE is too busy trying to shut down the sources. And even the people that have been caught downloading stuff have been given a warning to delete all content and discontinue before they are actually arrested for anything. You can get in just as much trouble with free sources as you can paid. So why does it matter if real-debrid keeps logs? I’m more worried about anything and everything I’ve ever browsed on the web that my ISP has logged when I didn’t have my VPN on.

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Certainly get where you are coming from.
To me, having to move to Real-Debrid is yet another funnel of control, to what was once open. Another party grabbing $, introducing another gateway.
It’s an escalation that will keep moving to the negative for the user as far as I’m concerned.
As for the days of the downloader walking out scott-free, in my opinion that’ll shift to the negative as well, just like the ISP’s are monitoring and we HAVE to run VPNs, just like the satellite system racked up their subscription costs and dumbass packaging, and now its all shifting over to the streamers like Netflix, Prime, Disney and the like.
The minor $ cost grow into significant $, unchecked, cause they can get away with it. And now the trend ultimately shifts into the “open” services too.
Hey, I’m not whining, I just see it happening. It’s irritating.

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Totally disagree. I view it as a safe haven for those who want to continue sharing content. You’re finding less and less free sources because they are all being taken down. And I believe in capitalism. It costs money to install and run reliable servers that can handle that much traffic. $3 per month is dirt cheap for that kind of service in my opinion. Guess it all depends on how you look at the world.

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You are both right. But one thing @Pappyl you should understand is this nickel and dimming crap won’t go away.

This free stuff is great but when it’s caught its gone. So upladers hackers and all those people are trying to find ways to protect them selfs from the government bull crap so it ends up coming at a cost.

I rather pay less for everything than buckets of money for one thing at a time.

Also the cyber portion of the government knows what your doing… this stuff will always be tracked. But they want the providers and the people creating this. Not you or I.

The only real way to sorta hide your online traffic comes at a higher cost than its worth for this stuff.

A VPN is more than enough to keep you in check.

So the 3-6 bucks a month for access vs torrent downloading encrypting wifi and bittorrents vpn plus proxies and making sure no virus in your torrent seed I’d say is worth it. For the headache.

But i see your point my suggestion would be to proxie up vpn up get a encrypted torrent Downloader that encrypts your pool and do it that way.

So you can have ease of use or do it the harder way to save some money. But keep in mind there is options. Totally up to you.

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