The Browsers Wars

I have been testing several Brower’s:

ARC Invite only (MAC Only)


GOOGLE CHROME Version 114.0.5702.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)

MICROSOFT EDGE Version 114.0.1783.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

[Microsoft Edge Insider]


My favorite is the New Opera GX:

Built in VPN
Custom Wallpaper
Speed Dial for Homepage

Bing best feature:

Split Window


Great Privacy Settings
Burn Web History

Enjoy !!!


Thanks for posting and commenting. Am interested in the new version of Opera and will test shortly. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Wow, looks nice but right off the bat I’m finding it won’t be useful for me because… I gotta, gotta, GOTTA have bookmarks! :nerd_face: :smiley: Am I missing the option somewhere? Please say yes. (regarding Opera GX browser on Android phone)

PS - I think I found it, lol, it’s a little hard to find but it’s there.

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Here are dozens of browser options.

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Yes there are Bookmarks. Check out the Speed Dial Feature.

My own customer wallpaper in the background.

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They have Android version of Opera GX !

I was using it on an Android phone. It’s a bit cumbersome, only able to save bookmarks to the homescreen. I am a big Opera fan, but not for Windows, only on Android. For Windows I prefer Firefox. The Opera GX bookmarks for the Android version are setup differently than the Windows version. As for looks I do like Opera GX, but as for functionality (my own) I still prefer regular Opera for Android. Thanks for showing me the beta preview though, much appreciated!


Free the internet

From mass surveillance
With the Mullvad Browser !!


I use duck duck go. Have you seen or tried the burn feature ???


I have yet to try the duck duck go browser, but I utilize the search engine often with satisfactory results.

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Im gonna try your Mullvad Browser.



I just found it a few days ago, installed it, configured it to my liking and its working great. It’s fast and not a lot of fluff to it. Hope you enjoy it as well!


That’s probably why I never heard of it. Are you using its VPN or your own with it ???

Im still using IPVanish…it serves my purpose. I will probably go to surfshark at some point in time. Not opposed to the Mullvad VPN but dont need it right now.

I was using IPVanish for about 2 years but i’m glad I switched to SurfShark. Best Android integration.

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lll take your word on it, others here rave about it also. Thanks!

I did the same, but found immediately after I ended my relationship with IPVanish and went with SS, there was an ephemeral period (maybe a week) where I got the message repeatedly that “another VPN detected”. So even after uninstalling IPV, I think they left some little nasties to make your SS experience a little difficult. Thankfully, after uninstalling and reinstalling SS, it seems to have disappeared after that one week.


I use Surfshark otherwise how is the security on Opera.

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Im not using that feature. I believe you can use Surk Shark if you configure OpneVPN protocol. I have not had time to try. There vpn in the browser of Opera is not free thats why I haven’t bothered to play with.

Testing out the Brave Browser now. I did see some other posts on Insider speaking of it.
Very secure.