TDUK App Killer Update

ATTENTION: The new version of the app killer was approved on both Amazon and the Play Store!

I updated mine from the Play Store and tested it out. It worked as advertised and left my VPN, Dot, Mouse Toggle, Set Orientation, and Button Mapper all running as wanted.

This is a fantastic app coupled with the TDUK Cache Cleaner app to make your streaming experience a little better.


Thanks for sharing.

In the next few weeks I will start (or plan to start!) the phase 3 of the app. This will allow you to choose your own apps you want to whitelisted.

Thank you


Thank you. I appreciate it.

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I was trying to get this app and the TDUK cache cleaner but Playstore said it was incompatible with my Samsung tablet. Anyone know of a workaround? Thanks


Panick just struck…I hope I put this in the correct place!

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If you bought it from Amazon appstore you may have to sideload it.

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It would not even show in Play store and I do not have the amazon app store. How would I sideload it?


Not compatible with phone and I think tablets, also. Although, I am going to try and see if I can send the app to my tablet and see what happens.

I ran into the same issue trying to install it on my Fire HD tablet. I did contact TDUK and asked about this issue and here is his response to me.

"So the app looks for a “TV launcher” to determine compatibility, as a touchscreen device / fire tablet will not have this launcher, it won’t be compatible.

I guess I could see if I could make it work on a Fire tablet - maybe for a future update!"

Nothing says I can’t try at least. I have downloaded many apps that are for phones and not compatible with my Shields, but I have gotten them to work with varying success. Maybe it will work? :nerd_face:

Update: I just tried send the apps to my Samsung S8 phone and it would not install because of an OS issue. I will try on my tablet in a bit…got to charge it up.


I’m not sure how or if this will work with a tablet but here’s a link for amazon appstore. Sorry for taking so long to reply but we had an ice storm here today which left me without power all day.


Thanks for the info, I got it on my buzz tvx5 easily.I had to enable the debugging and then could not find how to turn off developer. Is it ok to leave the developer thing enabled?

Ice Storm? Where are you, north pole?


Bless your heart and thank you for the information I’ll try


Feels like it sometimes, power outages across Ontario and Quebec, trees and powerlines downed everywhere. Fun fun fun😳

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ahhh, forgot you were up in the great white north. Take care, we are having beach weather down here on the coast.

Yes, just leave your Debugging enabled.


Got up to about 87 here yesterday. Thought it would be a good time to check out how well the heat pump works with cooling. It seemed to work quite well! Cooled the house down really fast. The heat pump seemed to do its thing. Hope that’s a sign of good things to come as we head into the dog days of summer. :dog: :hotdog:


I’m in the Twin Cities (MN). Blizzards raging (then) 50 miles NW of us and tornado warnings 50 miles to the SE of us. Just a light rain here – like a little benign finger pointing up into the weather hell. lol.

I’m wondering if I should wait for TDUKs phase three app?

Nah, go ahead and download it. I have both his apps and they work great. He a option to not disable a bunch of vpns and dots plus an assortment of other apps. His next update will include a feature for the user to pick and choose which apps they don’t want closed.

I’m loving these apps. It makes shutting down so much quicker. Also, if experiencing any buffering these apps make it quick and simple to clear cache and force close all open apps and get back to watching what you were.


I just made an update from an earlier post

Good to know. And when we update, we would get phase three when it’s done?