Synology tivimate smb setup

Trying to setup tivimate (fire stick 4K) to record and backup to synology NAS using smb

I’ve tried the YouTube walk throughs and can create the smb option in tivimate but it never sees the folders on the NAS

I’ve tried using IP address and also the smb name as instructed by synology. I’ve also tried creating a new shareable folder and bypassed vpn on both as a test, still nothing.

Can anyone post a step by step idiots guide? Lol

are you using x-plore or a file manager?


Neither, i was under the impression that with the Synology NAS and smb protocol it should be a direct procedure.

TiViMate has a smb create procedure where I enter the NAS ip, login and password.

All that goes well it seems, as does creating the shareable smb folder on the NAS but while tivimate sees the NAS it doesnt see the folders

I read one account where the issue was the person’s vpn, I tried disabling as a test but to no avail

I know there are third party utilities but would prefer this method if I can get it to work,

not sure if this helps, take a look…
Setting up SMB/LAN Recording on a PC - YouTube

Fwiw, I’ve found this…

I have a feeling I need to make sure these ports are open but will have to wait till next weekend to mess with it anymore.

The NAS should act like a PC for storage plus allow me remote access. I already use it for surveillance cameras etc

You all have given me stuff to think about, I appreciate everyone’s input

I got it working.

Took both the tivi mate information I found online plus the port assignment information from synology and using only the IP address in tivi smb setup.
The online info said to use smb:\ipaddress or \server name, neither of which worked

Woot woot :slightly_smiling_face:



The correct settings:

So if having issue browsing Synology and you found that by default settings for Syno SMB is SMB 1.

To Correct this go to :
Control Panel > File Services SMB Tab , click advanced settings.
Change Maximum SMB Protocol to SMB3. Change Minimum SMB Protocol to SMB2. Hit Apply. and then just use IP of Syno and your account user and password in TiViMate .


I did check that and mine had smb2 and smb3 set as default already so I was good there.

I run DD-WRT with vpn client and firewall at the router with policy based routing. My security cameras, NAS and fire stick are behind the vpn and everything else goes around. I think the port forwarding was the key to getting it working with my setup.

Lot of good information here


Of course this explains everything. Well if you have any another question don’t hasitate to post them :+1: