Syncler Provider Packages

Can no longer add Kosmos or Express Provider Packages to new devices. I keep getting error messages Syncler is working great on the devices I set up a few weeks ago. Just can’t load onto new devices. Anyone else having the same problem? Any recommendations for provider packages? Thanks in advance!

I think I read on the one FB group the installer was down.


Thanks for your reply. That would make sense. Appreciated!


Hi, i had the same problem last night, there was some sort of red flagged error code, but seems back to normal today. Hope that helps. Jimmy.

If syncler Reddit official isn’t giving up to date info, nor surprising, giro synclerproviders on Reddit you can get to it from synclers official Reddit. There u can ask direct question with no restriction.

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Also as far as syncler and me. It’s awesome love been using plus for 1.5 years almost no issues and nothing consistent. As for providers I use

check image from my syncler provider section in app

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Go to the Troypoint RAI and scroll down find the Syncler Provision installer and install. After install open and click on Provision, (don’t click install you already have it installed). Go back and open Syncler go to settings, provider packages, scroll to the bottom and you should find; My repository click on it and install from there.


I just signed up and the Troypoint instructions say to use Syncler + I should install express, but Kosmos is the only option that will allow a download. Does it matter for+ if I only have Kosmos for a download?




Express is only available for s+


Hi, I installed Syncler (using the Syncler Provision App) on my Shield and Fire Stick today and they seem to be working well. I am using Syncler+ Subscription and Express Provider package. And don’t let me forget adding Real-Debrid account My only concern is that I don’t have a nice Icon for the app on my Fire Stick, just black box. Anyone know if you can improve the app box apperance?

Thank – Mike


Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.

There is a guide there for greyed out icons.