Syncler Payment

I signed up for Syncler+. I want to pay using Paypal. I am emailed a link to pay thru Webmoneytransfer.
I select my country as USA and get a message that their service is not available here. How does everyone pay for Syncler?


Yes, I used crypto through syncler.

But for none crypto I suggest using the resellers for PayPal. I did it before crypto and it was instant transfer.

I used buy perimum key.

When they email you just copy and paste the key don’t sit there trying to activate it. It already is.

I bought premium key and it was not included In the email thay sent. It says to transfer to a wallet number using the link from my previous post. They have an instructional video on using PayPal but I can’t because of the message of not accepting from the USA.

Hi @westy686
I say this with all due respect, but I would take some things put out on Reddit (not all things) with a grain is salt. Syncler + along with Real-Debrid provides more links and a better streaming experience.
Just my two cents.

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That’s not true The paid content gets more support. You are not paying for username and password.

You are getting express setup. Besides this topic is about paying for s+



Try contacting there support. It should take usa accounts.

If not you can try the other ones. I never had this issue so I’m not to sure how to help on this particular problem

I sent them an email and will see what they say.

@TP-Dracoo @Sbrowne 126. Right on. I know nothing about syncler so should not have posted that.

Westy686, no worries. No problem.

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I finally had time to get my+ account set up and not sorry one bit love it and I am sure the more I play with it and use it the more I will like it. I decided to pay with the tried and true old school pre paid visa through their sites suggested reseller and had my code immediately worked out great :+1: . Now I will enjoy watching this weekend :blush:

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Post back if you had resolved the issue.

I live in the US and this worked fine for me. I went to the URL Syncler+ | Syncler, except better and near the bottom of the page I selected the plan I wanted. That opened another link where I selected the 1st one. That in turn took me to a new page called “”. I selected what I wanted and paid by Paypal and it great. Syncler+ is well worth it in my opinion.