Switching from Firestick to NVIDIA pro

I just bought a Nvidia Pro and am setting it up. What I would love would be tips and tricks, like those Troypoint offers for the Firestick, for the Nvidia as well as tips for how to transfer Kodi and other information from the Firestick to the Nvidia. I have Venom & The Oath on my Firestick, and since they are no longer available to install but still work very well, I’d like to be able to continue using them on the Nvidia. I’d also like some basic information about navigating the Nvidia/Android file system.


Definitely get DefSquid. Other than that, enjoy being able to stretch your legs with the space available compared to what you had


just my 2 cents here. But you have purchased one of the best boxes on the market. I wouldnt do or attempt any transfers but rather go all new other than account info on paid services. Like buying a new car, the dog cant ride for a few months anyways :rofl:


He really likes Venom & The Oath which are no longer available. Any suggestions on what build he should go with if transferring is a bad idea for some reason?

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The crew has long been my fav

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I’ve been using KODI for many years and have never seen anybody Transfer Builds, Addons, etc from one device to another. As @TXRon said, Fresh install. You won’t be able to get The oathe but plenty of other working Builds and Addons


Can I ask which Nividia? TV or Pro? I can understand the Pro but I’m wondering what the value is in the TV outside of expandable storage, which is not nothing, but a huge premium over a Firestick4k.

Since I have used 3 different streaming devices (not nvidia) I’d second the fresh install. I don’t find it to take more than 30 minutes when doing KODI and all the addons individually. Less if you’re doing a build. If there was a way to transfer it I’d imagine it take almost as long.

I use the TiVo stream 4k which has a usb c for expanded storage. I don’t use this because I have a home server running Plex. That’s why I’d understand the Pro which is only $50 more than the TV.

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Follow TP guidance and add a usb to the firestick. Then move Kodi to the usb. Then move the usb to the NVIDI. Should work, RIGHT?

I don’t think so. Two different OS’s so files etc. created by the FireTV OS on the Firestick and transferred to a USB drive and then removed and transferred to the Nvidia and plugged in won’t be accessible. It’s like two different languages.

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One thing that I would get for Nvidia is the button mapper app. I found that I kept hitting the Netflix button by mistake. It became very annoying. Button mapper lets you change the way that this button works… I set it that when I bump the button it just goes back to the last thing that I watched. To go to Netflix I have to hold in the button.

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The invidia Pro is the best thing for TV and is far superior to the firestick in picture quality and performance. Enjoy

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Sounds useful. Where can you download it?

It’s on the playstore.

The FS and Shield are both built on Android. Should be able to just use the backup addon from the Kodi repository to create a backup file and transfer it to the other device. Then just download Kodi and the backup addon on the shield and restore from the file.

You don’t have to use a USB drive to transfer the file. If you know how to use X-Plore or something similar you can sign into a cloud storage account like Google Drive and copy files there.

I’m not debating the quality of the Nvdia Pro as I have never used one. I have had 2 T95Z Plus android Streaming Boxes that have worked Flawlessly for many years. I have High speed Fiber internet, a 4K TV, KODI and Real Debrid. I get Flawless 4K Shows and Movies (where 4K content is available). My Boxes are loaded with RAM and Storage and probably cost 4 times less than the Nvidia Model

Please tell me how the Nvidia Box is far Superior?

I like the Walmart ONN device as a replacement for the firestick. I have one up and running and like the freedom it gives you, third party launchers etc.

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Just added storage to mine the other day…don’t need it, but I got it if I ever do. Nice l’il box :+1:

I think Amazon made a big mistake with the 4K devices by stopping the third-party software. I for one don’t like big tech tell me what I can do.

I’m not sure why you’re saying “stopping” 3rd party software. I have 4K Max and can install anything I want on it. Sideloading has yet to be blocked. About all that is being blocked, so far, is the ability to disable certain modules that Amazon have now labeled as “protected”.

A I Upscaling on the NVidia produces a noticeable difference in picture quality, especially on 720 viewing, slightly better on 1080. I also have a Fire TV Cube and a TiVo 4k that both do the job adequately. NVidia actually delivers superior picture quality, but my TiVo ain’t bad. If it works for you, then it works. Amazon (Big Tech) want to control what you can and can’t watch, so I’m washing my hands of Amazon Fire.