Surfshark vs IPVanish – Which VPN is Better?

Best thing to do is not rely on the dot just check your vpn. Seems like there not 100 % trustworthy.

The dot has never failed me once. I have ProtonVPN and the dot dutifully comes on and displays as it should, when my Max is turned on in the morning. Not sure what version I have, haven’t checked in some time.

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I don’t have the issue on my Max or other Firesticks either. The “turning off” issue is only on my Android TV boxes.

How very odd. You would think if AndroidTV is the issue they could roll out a fix. Not as if Android is some new or unknown OS.

Just don’t upgrade to their website version that is 199 as that is the buggy one.

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I am really torn. My IPV subscription expires on the 24th, this Saturday. Overall I’ve been really happy with IPV and not really had any issues other than a slight drop in speed. But that drop really hasn’t even been an issue. Surfshark sounds like a winner but I’ve always been a believer in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. Yes SS is a bit cheaper for 2 years but it isn’t a deal breaker with the cost of IPV at the Troypoint rate. Of course all depends on if IPV will give me the Troypoint 2-year rate. Otherwise it’s Surfshark for me.

**** Note: I really, really Troy and all the people that make this website a wonderful resource. With folks like Dracco and Miki have really added so much to this site. I really appreciate you guys. THANK YOU Troy and all the great posters!


Hey Jerry thank you for the vote of confidence. IPV or SS, which ever way you go I’m sure they’ll both do the job for you. I really liked the Killswitch in SS.


IP Vanish is still a darn good VPN. Nobody would blame you for staying put and keeping IP Vanish. VPNs work differently for each individual’s setup, so all cost aside, you can’t really make a wrong decision if you are going to go with IPV or SS.


I’ve used both. I have a slight preference for IPvanish but their pricing and renewal policies finally drove me away. I now have a 2 year subscription to SurfShark after almost 4 years of IPvanish.

@JerryJ I switched to NORD for more speed over IPV and I’m glad. It works well and most APKs play well with NORD. I got the first 2 years for $89 and just renewed for 2 more for $69.36 and got an extra month bonus. Speed, performance,support and a company hq in Panama.

Ok, so since I’ve been happy with IPV I decided to stay with them. I was able to negotiate $63 for 24 months. I’ve been with them for 3 years already. For my needs IPV serves my purpose. I did put a note in my Customer Service review that they should seriously consider having an option for the Kill Switch. But I’m not sure that they will jump on that with my urging. I do feel that Troy carries a lot of weight with the VPN providers.

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Is it just me ,because my ipv has a kill sw that shuts down my internet if ipv gets interrupted?
It’s happened a couple of times and my torrent app shut down because of that protection

Not on the firestick it doesnt. Its why many of us switched to SS.