Surfshark vs IPVanish comparison

Hey guys, just a bit of info on my experience with moving over to Surfshark.

I have been with IPVanish for around 8 years and always thought their speeds was lacking somewhat, although you don’t need massive speed for 4K streaming but I also download on the PC where speed is essential. Below are a few screenshots from the speed on the PC.

This is without any VPN on a 900mb service.

This is IPVanish

This is Surfshark

On my Fire TV Cube I’m getting very close to my max available speed, with or without a VPN which I’m really pleased about. I use a Ugreen Ethernet Hub and max speed is shown below and with a VPN it’s near enough top speed.

No VPN on Fire TV Cube

Surfshark with Fire TV Cube

Overall I’m well pleased with this and got 26 months for £53 here in N. Ireland. I’m not knocking IPVanish by any means and it has served it’s purpose well for me over the years, but with speeds like that and considering my renewal for IPVanish is £54 for 1 year it was a no brainer. Food for thought guys and just a reminder you have options and can save quite a few bucks :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. Just on a side note, all software was tweaked using different protocols and best servers close to my location and then the tests were performed :+1:


Very nice side by side comparison between two great VPNs. I have had the same experience with Surfshark as you have, the Wireguard protocol absolutely flies in my network. For some though, it seems like the IPV wireguard (sometimes even OpenVPN) protocol is faster in their setup/network. It is always recommended to try these and see how they work for you before committing longer term, but the information above is terrific.


Cheers mate, I always go through all protocols when testing and have indeed come across what you mentioned. For a long time IPVanish gave me the best speeds on a Firestick via OpenVPN TCP until one day after an app update it started giving better results via Wireguard, I never had any bother with the Windows installer though.

I actually tried ProtonVPN free version which being the free version would only let me connect to Netherlands as my closest server from Northern Ireland, and to my surprise I was getting really good speeds, but the cost for their premium version was too high so stuck with Surfshark. At £53 for 26 months and an awesome speed is hard to beat, plus the knowledge that Troy has put it through its paces is an added bonus :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


Couldn’t agree more. Not to mention the extra features that SS offers that IPV doesn’t. The ad-blocker is very handy for free apks with ads, etc and the working kill switch (for AndroidTV/FireTV) is one of the most important attributes on any cord-cutting VPN today.


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