Surfshark Vs IPvanish and AOL

Well, only a single very specific comparison… I used IPvanish for 3 years and never had an issue with (come on, now, no AOL shaming). Since switching to Surfshark and trying to get to, I get redirected to the site (ie AOL Canada) which similarly doesn’t work correctly.

Anybody else have similar issues with Surfshark vs IPvanish? It’s not a big deal for me but I was just curious.

Turn off your vpn completely and see where it takes you.

The link takes me to a .ca version while having the .com up… it shows Canadian stuff and American. This was without a vpn. I dont let sites auto direct me to a .ca version based on my ip ether so that is strange.

Yes, without the VPN, everything is cool. I don’t think my VPN IP address is a Canadian one(?)

I think it’s an AOL thing but just odd that it never happened with IPvanish(?)


when trying to go to is your VPN server in the US? If it’s in Canada it may be set to redirect you to .ca Amazon is similiar. If I set my vpn server to mx then try to go to .com I am redirected to


Well it took me to a Canadian site with an American ip adress. But it was quickly done one my phone. All good, i dont use aol, so i hope it gets resolved.

Ya that is odd. Oh well, lets hope. I tried it using my ProtonVPN and having a US server and it took me to .com immediately.

Miki . I canceld my IPvanish sub and looking for another one . How is Proton VPN ? Is it as good as Surf Shark ?

My Dad used aol :joy:… its all he knew and wouldnt give up his aol email :joy:

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Try looking here and posting.

I like proton as it has Tor servers when needed, ad and malware as well as tracking blocking. A speed tech coding that took me from 45MBs down to 80. Auto switching when servers are overloaded. Kill switch, tunneling. I use the Wireguard protocol but it has all your usual ones. My biggest beef is the FireTV OS like the firestick Max has less access to settings than I would like. But it sure works good. Also no autostart. You have to manually turn the VPN on when you start the Max or reboot, unless of course you leave your stick on 24/7 which I don’t.

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I have used Surfshark for over a year and it rocks. I also use Cybergost(very rarely) and just purchased Express VPN to see how it is


Interesting… I updated the Windows app this morning from beta to the new full release version and the problem with AOL has gone!


Used cyberghost for 3 yrs b4 switching to surfshark. CG was good xcept for the 7 connection limit, and it always took 30+ seconds to connect my desktop . Numerous calls & attempts to fix over the 3yrs failed…all other devices were fine. Surfshark has increased my speeds by 25% + loveit