SurfShark rolling out great new feature

That’s what I thought you meant… maybe bypass your network and use your cell phone as a hotspot to eliminate a network problem. Typing out loud here :joy:

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No. I had put Express on my old R7000 a few months ago and the router died. It was about 9 years old so it’s not even around anymore

It’s a Spectrum router, so no

You have tried to hotspot and bypass that router to see if SS reacts differently?

I reset all network settings as was instructed to do by one of the 3 support “specialists” I spoke to. And using a hotspot will eat the hell out of data because this happens randomly. Could be an hour, a day or several days between it happening

Gotcha…ugh. I’m running out of ideas lol. This issue is so isolated, you would think there is an easy explanation.

One would think. It’s very aggravating. One of them are supposed to be following up with me

A friend had problems connecting to IPTV services with Spectrum and had to disable their security suite. It was flagging certain Services & ip addresses as coming from malicious websites. They had to download their app (Spectrums) and disable it that way.

One other idea that I had read about was when uninstalling apps such as ipvanish they always leave remnants behind. Another person having such problem used a file manager to look for anything left by ipvanish. That is above my pay grade though :joy:

I have no problem connecting when using both SS and Express. I have deleted Express off of our KM2 and used File X-Plore premium to find remnants and nothing remains. SS support found no evidence in log report of any other VPN installed. The 2 boxes I checked this morning have only had SS installed and no other VPN…ever.

What about this security suite on your Spectrum router that @Money mentions above? Is this disabled?

Never had it on from when we got it

Than I can’t use it!

Try uninstalling and reinstall.

Been down that road. Was suggested to download from the SS website due to the Playstore one being possibly corrupt which I did this last time on our KM2 and next morning the message popped up again. 3 different support personnel and 3 different answers and methods to help the issue to no avail

What SS version are you on for those boxes? My Shield just updated to, the others I just updated to .10.

They were up to date as for version, not sure as I’ve deleted the app. I know the one downloaded from the SS website had to have been the most current I would think

@Streaming429 Hey, you’re not going to believe this but I loaded Surfshark on a brand new fire stick 4K (bought at Best Buy). Got it off of Troy’s toolbox. While loading apps the internet dropped because of the kill switch. I had an error saying there was another VPN :joy:

It sucks. It’s a know issue and nothing is being done by them. I’m getting tired of contacting them over and over and not a thing being fixed

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