Surfshark Earns #1 VPN Ranking by TROYPOINT

Surfshark VPN is now the #1 ranked VPN by TROYPOINT.

We have put together an article explaining our switch and answering any questions you may have. Enjoy!


I switched from IP Vanish to Surf Shark and Very happy with my decision .


When I set my SS to WireGuard, Analiti speed test cannot determine download speed. Any guesses why? Also some of my Kodi iptv wont work if SS is set to WireGuard. Otherwise SS works just fine. I switched from ipvan about three months ago due to price.

Some ISPs do not yet support the wireguard protocol. If that’s the case I would go straight to Open VPN/UDP. But the best suggestion is to find the one protocol that gives you the best download speed.

Question, I have an IPVanish subscription that is good until June 2023. At that time the renewal will be $89.99/year. Is it worth just canceling IPVanish and take advantage of the Troypoint Surfshark deal for $59 for 24 mos + 3 free months? I guess the other option is just keep IPVanish until next year then cancel at that time and get the Surfshark deal right now.

$60 for 27 months and then as a “new” SS user you will also be offered a one year (12 month) extension for $27. So you get 39 months for about $89. Then after 3 yrs my renewal is stated as $60.77/yr.

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Switched from ipvanish to surf shark been using it now for 4 months and love it


I just switched from IPVanish to Surf Shark. While I appreciate the fact I can change locations for Netflix etc, I will say that IPVanish is much faster for torrent downloads. I’ve tried all protocols and all suggestions from Surf Shark support but the fastest I can get for download is hovering around 1MB, as opposed to IPVanish hovering at 4 to 5MB. pretty big difference.

My internet speed is 332MB.

Surf Shark is cheaper than IPVanish but for me, since torrent speed is most important, I would have to rate IPVanish over Surf Shark.

If you have a paid service of 332 Mbs down and are only getting 3Mbs down you have something seriously wrong. I have a 120Mbs down service and using 5 different VPNs I get between 65 and 85 Mbs down. Could be anything from a bad connection to wifi interference, :roll_eyes: That’s such a huge drop and at those speeds I haven’t a clue how you could stream anything. I won’t even install a device on anyones service who doesn’t have at least 30Mbs down with an active VPN.

So to review, your internet speed test without VPN shows 332Mbps. With IPVanish you get 4-5Mbps and Surfshark you get speed test of 1Mbps. I just was hoping you could verify my numbers are correct, because if they are, the drop is staggering (for both VPNs).

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Wasn’t he talking about his torrent download speed?

Maybe…that would make more sense.

That’s the only thing that does make sense

I would suggest making a topic on this, away from here. But there is something going on and it isnt the vpn. lots of testing you need todo.