Supercharge $19 Walmart onn. Android TV Box Video

Yep…that link worked like it did the 1st time I tried it with his link…I was curious about the spelling of reddit, but hey, links can be what they wanta’ be. Thanks Mik :+1:

Did you copy this @rjwinkler

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I keep my MAX running to watch sports. I keep the Max running so I can keep up what the insider is doing with the MAX and most of what is done with the MAX will work on the ONN. Thanks for the replies, I test most things before I post for help.

Roger that…didn’t know you had one…still curious to know if the link Miki sent works on your ONN like it does on my 2 boxes. :cowboy_hat_face:

It’s the same one I use. The browsers for the ONN block the sites. It’s not the ONN it’s the browsers.

Maybe it’s your ISP blocking!!??

I guess that is possible also.

Just set up my first ONN for personal use. This little box is impressive. Much better than my Mecool KM7 and my Dynalink. Big thumbs up from me.

I also have an ONN and am very pleased with it.