Struggling to get my EPG to work

I have TVMATE and my EPG stopped, I;m using a IPTV service I am looking fro a m3u code i think its called to get it to work. I had one person trying to assist me but it didn’t work, is there a good m3u code to use with TVMATE or an xtreme code, I’ll even pay someone to help me as i am very frustrated and have been working on this all afternoon with no success.

Thats the thing with iptv service, there will always be odd issues. You may need to contact your iptv guy might be there end, paid service epgs are maintained by them.

The one thing i do know is if you clear your tivimate cache it resets the info gathering on your epg. Just a fyi.

You can try setting it to utc.

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I tried both of those suggestions, the iptv guy hasn’t replied back yet and clearing the cache didn’t help either. what is utc?

Hey @Mike23 Like Dracoo stated…your EPG comes from your IPTV service. Another thing to try is go into Tivimate Settings/EPG…scroll down & clear epg & then update it…if that or clearing cache doesn’t work, you need to contact them. This is all predicated on it working at some time before. GL2U

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I just tried that, it says i have 21 channels, when i hit clear cache it flashes for a second but nothing changes. I’ve tried clearing the cache also, no luck

Try the thousands of free iptv channels here on Troypoint. Just do a search for m3u. You’ll see more free stuff than you could ever use. I assume you have TiViMate premium. I have 30 EPGs loaded and add every one to each playlist. There are also m3u8 links here that give you an integrated playlist and EPG. Do you know how to add an m3u?

Thats correct. I have TVMATE premium

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Roger that…it all comes from your service…if you can’t get in touch with anyone there…their website may have a Telegram or Discord chat they’re connected to… :cowboy_hat_face:

in under playlist type, then off to the right is says m3u playlist, is that correct?

Have you gone into tivimate>settings>epg and scroll to the bottom make sure update epg on start is checked, click on update now and at the very bottom if any issues are found in updating it will list them there. Do you see any messages?


it says latest update status: epg is successfully updated for 21 channels on 3/4/22

Settings>playlists>scroll to the bottom and click add playlist, then add one of the freebies shown throughout the insider.

It’s your provider…I just went thru epg problems at my provider’s servers also…frustrating, but it happens with these iptv services.

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ok, I’ll try to find one. Thank you!

In that case it would appear that whatever epg data the provider has installed it is up to date. Now that is assuming it was provided. If it had not updated you would see a message stating Failed and the source that failed. If I was to guess the epg provider is not actually sending info.

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I’ll shoot them a message or crack open a beer, maybe both :slight_smile:


It’s nevervending. You could spend hours looking through everything on this site. Heck you may end up never using a paid iptv service again.

That’s the attitude :beers:

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Clearning your cache i said will reset your epg… dont do that. Or it will need to gather info from the server. Wait till your service guy responds. Not much we can do here. Tey other services or free m3u