Stremio updates and new features

Although I have not tried it yet, there are now new addons in Stremio that will allow the addition of m3u playlists. I have no idea how good, or bad, the addon may be, but it’s intetesting to see this new direction that the Stremio community is taking. There is also a new one called Streaming Catalogs, that now adds the option for “Trending movies & Series” on Netflix HBO Max, Disney+ and so on. Additional subtitles and languages. This is one of the biggest changes I’ve seen to Stremio addons in quite some time. Easy click to install/uninstall without the need for typing.
On my Max this update is 1.5.5


im at 1.5.6 on my shield, will dig in :thinking:

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Ya the update numbers are different for AndroidTV or other OS’s. The AmazonTV update is 1.5.5

new addon called napflix :joy:

Napflix? Never saw that one. :laughing: :rofl: :wink:

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Wooooo, wait till you see the stremio iptv selection :eyes:


bye bye kodi :joy: :rofl: :joy: :eyes:

Is it good? Enquiring minds want to know. I haven’t had a chance to try it.

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Its already set with iptv channels with the stremio iptv addon, however there are so many channels im trying to find a way to cut it down

Does it update automatically?

you have to add stuff in a browser and in the app hit sync.

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I have it on windows pc and didn’t know if you just did it thru the RAI for the devices


I tried adding an iptv m3u8 but got nothing. Locked my system up. Managed to clear it but then went and looked at addons and no iptv. So I’ll have to read up on m3u in Stremio when I have time

I just looked at it on pc and it needs the URL’s and stuff and didn’t have time to mess with it

What do you say you have to do for it to update?

Well, mine was already updated, did it somr time back and did see some changes but at the time I didnt dig in…untill Miki said something and I looked. There is an addon called stremio iptv in the community you have to install…thats best I can remember what I did…old timerz kickin in :crazy_face: :eyes:

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I added an iptv url, named it, created an addon and then installed it, or so I thought. it was am m3u8 so maybe only m3u will work. No idea and can’t find a tut.


Thanks guys . I’ll dig in tomorrow if I get time. I hear ya about the oldtimerz and brain farts don’t help either :laughing:

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I added plex but cant find it :crazy_face:

Isn’t this fun? I hate when apps add stuff like this without any real instructions. :unamused: :sheep: :astonished: