Stremio Tutorial Update

Is it time to update the Stremio tutorial.?
I am trying it for the first time and cannot get past the install Torrontio install option.
There is no Torrontio.



Community addons section you will find it. Under addons top right.


You will find the links in here to install both torrentio and torrentio lite. For torentio, fill out the form, click the link to get the API, install the API key, then click install. Pretty self explanatory.

This will help as well:

Stremio Community Addons

Not all community addons are available in Stremio’s internal addon catalog.

To load the community curated addons list in Stremio on your current device (presumes you have Stremio installed), simply press this link!

Alternatively, a secondary way of loading the community curated addons list in Stremio is by copying this link:

And pasting it in the search field on the addons page inside Stremio.

To view our summary of the curated addons list, you can go here

Thank You, you both did the job. Worked for me.