Stremio -Trakt Not Marking Shows

Ok. I will leave you to resolve it. Maybe you shoukd contact Trakt.

Stremio do not get involved in add on queries or Trakt issues.

Yes or it wouldnt be updating my trakt history or progress without the trakt addon.
Maybe I will try adding the addon back but it didnt seem to have the features I wanted.
It only shows trakt watchlist on recomrndations in stremio.
It does not show trakt new episodes list which is the most important to me. Having to click on 50 plus shows every time I want to watch a new episode is a hige waste of time.

Trakt works much better in kodi but everything else is much slower in kodi including on not finding some shows.

Since trakt works perfectly in kodi seems unlikely it would be a trakt problem.

Try this link: it is self explanatory.

Download it and it will be added to your addons.

BTW @Dak7385 this isn’t aimed at you I’m just replying to the thread in general. But you know that.
I have used Stremio for several years. It does seem a tad more difficult for some to use, but eventually with the desire and learning they can get it. On My Stremio I have a library of series I watch on a regular basis. Each one is listed with their “poster”. I know when my shows are released each week but if I don’t, I simply go to my library and any new episodes that I haven’t watched but are avaialble for me to do so are shown on the poster with a number in the top right. So if I’ve been away, I open my library, scroll through my posters, and see one of my series has say a 2 on it. That means I have 2 episodes of that series I can watch. After watching an episode it gets marked with a check mark. Future yet to be released episodes are marked with an egg timer overlay. Hovering over a future episode brings up a brief description as well as it’s release date. I don’t have trakt and never have found I needed it. Again it’s all about what you want or like and how you use your apps. I don’t find it productive to decry perfectly good apps because you don’t like them. Just use what makes you happy and I’ll do the same if you don’t mind.

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Hi Miki. I know uou said it wasnt aimed at me.

But…i don’t recall decrying apps. Or, have i misunderstood?

Lol. You never have decried anything @Dak7385 . You’re always a positive influence. I think you can figure out whom that was aimed at. I do find it funny that certain functions in Kodi are expected to perform the same way in an entirely different app.


Hi Miki…I probably had too much coffee this morning​:rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:

All good.

I still believe that these issues are "“user” issues, and as you say, if it works in kodi…go figure.


Yeah not sure how Trakt works in Stremio but it works great with KODI

It works fine with Stremio/ syncler/ weyd.

But it has to be set up properly :+1:

Yes it works great in kodi but not nearly as well in stremio.
Its not the fault of stremio or trakt but the 3rd party addon.

It is not the fault of the add on. And the reason there are no numbers shown, is because you are using a different version of the app. The numbers appear in the Android TV version.

The kinhank is an android tv box. How do i get the stremio version that works with this? Stremio about says stremio version 1.6.7.
The addon says it gets watchlist from trakt. It does not get the next episode list. downiads Androud TV 1.6.7. Download the first one on the list.
If you already have it, may i respectfully suggest you uninstall it from your Android box and start again.

Use this link that i sent you previously;

Then add this one.

And despite your statement that it doesnt work, it works fine on my phone,my set top box and my mac.

You will also need to configure this link:

Just click on the link and follow the guide i sent you:

Thanks. I will definately try all your suggestions.

Please do. I hope it works for you.

Take your time and go step by step in setting it up.

When you add Trakt add on, make sure you choose the latest version. Sometimes the add on will show two versions. Select the latest version.

Install: Trakt up next from

Install: Trakt Tv

Install: Trakt integration

And finally: Authorise Trakt scrobbling

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You need to configure trakt on your computer in the Stremio web page. When you add it there, there’s a pop up where you can customise it and use the Trakt app on any device to add to watchlist, collection or custom lists.