Stremio -Trakt Not Marking Shows

I have searched the forum and other forums.

A few weeks ago my series were not getting marked as watched. Contacted Trakt, told to delete Stremio from my Trakt account, not Stremio and then reauthorise scrobbling on stremio and reinstall trakt add on.

Did that and all good. Today it is back misbehaving again. No problem marking it myself.

Just wondered whether others were having a similar issue. By the way, movies mark themselves as watched.

Seems on other forums, this has been a constant issue with Stremio/trakt from the beginning.

If it is normal behaviour, no problem. Just good to know, and i can strike another thing off my list of technical things that puzzle me.:grinning:

I never saw the need for trakt. In my Stremio, which is the only app I use for series and movies, all my stuff gets marked, with a checkmark, after I’ve watched them. This then shows in every Stremio app I have installed on every device I use. I do have a backup, but in all honesty, I’ve never used it, ever.


Understand. But my shows are not being marked. But it sounds as if you are saying that trakt is not that which marks shows as watched.

When i contacted Stremio support originally, they told me it was a trakt issue.

Hence my email to trakt for help.

So, now i am confused.

@Miki …Maybe i misunderstood your reply.

Do you mark them " watched" or, are they marked automatically?

They are marked automatically with a checkmark, once I’ve watched them. Please note, that every series I watch is in my library, and that is where I open them from to see if a new one is available. Upcoming, or yet to be released episodes, have an hour glass watermark.

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Ok. So, nothing to do with trakt then? Strange that Stremio sent me to Trakt.

Just wonder why mine have stopped.


Absolutely nothing to do with Trakt. You have to enable trakt scobbling in options.

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Cheers for that. I also get my viewing series etc from my library. And trakt scrobbling is enabled.

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I never touch Trakt, but I guess it works for some across multiple apps, so for those who use multiple apps for Movies or Series it could be useful.

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Yep. Getting to understand Trakt add on and trakt scrobbling are unrelated. I thought i needed the add on as well. But you need a trakt account to make trakt scrobbling work, according to Jaruba dev at Stremio.

Never too old to learn​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Oops My bad as well. I thought you had a Trakt account, that was why you were trying to use Scrobbling in Stremio.

Where do you find Stremio in your Trakt account? I’ve been a VIP Trakt user for 2 years and find Stremio is very hit and miss in keeping track of what I have watched in the app.

Very odd. I’ve used stremio for a number of years and it’s always kept track of what I watch.

Trakt is an addon and you can find it in the Stremio addons.

Sorry Miki, I think a miscommunication here. Stremio keeps track of what I have seen but it doesn’t always update to my Trakt account. I use Trakt as I also use other apps and they all keep the info of what i have watched over the years in one place. Also lets me know when new episodes are due to be aired.

Ahh. Ok got ya. Ya Stremio keeps track of everything I watch and shows me upcoming episodes as well as displaying when they’re suppose to show. As it covers all the series and Movies I watch, and it’s free, I’ve never seen the need for trakt or to pay for a service that Stremio does natively. But I get ya.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

I don’t know if you know it or not, but Trakt has an app for mobile devices. I did try and send the app from my phone and tablet to my Shield and the app did send and install, but it failed to open.

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Oops…bad communication on my part

Yes i do have a Trakt account. I was just clarifying that i wasn’t aware that Trakt scrobbling and trakt add on had nothing to do with each other. But for scrobbling to work, you must havecan account

And that Jaruba dev clarified that in one if his posts. Hence i couldn’t understand why mine was not working.

Anyway. I have now discovered that ir is working again. But one particular series did not mark it automatically for me. The Bureau.

Thanls PF, yes I have that. It was the bit “Contacted Trakt, told to delete Stremio from my Trakt account,” Dak7385 mentioned, I cannot find, not Trakt from Stremio.

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