Stremio/Torrentio/Real Debrid Issue

I posted a little while ago that I was done with Stremio because of Real Debrid issues.

I had shared that I had (stupidly) shared a RD API key with a friend. So I went to my RD account>help>type email & asked about the problem.
First, Dracoo was not correct; the key wasn’t revoked. The problem was Torrentio.

I uninstalled the Torrentio, reinstalled & entered in the key. The RD links are now available again.
I also installed the free Orion package, for sh&ts & grins.

Links via either RD Torrentio, Torrentio without RD, & Orion do not load as reliably or quickly as RD integrated with Fen, Artemis or the Crew Kodi addons & the subtitles are still frequently out of sync, and the audio still is inconstant, but it works.

First off, i never said your key was invalid. You shared your API which caused you issues. Also i do not have those issues at all. Orion is better when paid for, you put RD in oron which makes it work better. Think you need to do some troubleshooting. Stremio when set up right works pretty flawlessly, my only issues was older movies and shows.

Btw, stremio does load fast but it also depends on what your using it on. Some units can be a bit slower if its alot of links. With RD torrento and orion pull alot of the same links which slows it down. There is ways to tweak it.

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No the API share did not cause the issue, per the RD support. Apparently, the friend never used it while I was using it, which would’ve caused the issue, again per RD tech support.

I don’t doubt that Orion paid is great, but I don’t see the need while RD works well.
I am currently using four units on four TVs…Dynalink, ONN, W2 (stock Android) & a KM1 MeCool.

I wasn’t very clear about ‘links loading’. The selection of links populate very quickly. BUT when selecting a link, it takes forever to play if it plays at all. Regardless of Orion or Torrentio or the number of people indicated that are on the torrent. It is not my internet speed. Everything else I do works reliably & quickly.

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Stremio needs time to load the movie or show from the torrent pool and link provided. Their isnt much one can do to speed that process up. Some load faster than others. Depends on the source. If you can wait it works fine. And yes a portion of it is internet speed but the other portion of it is up speed and just waiting for it to decode the link.

Yep…I agree.
But will stand by my experience.
If I was setting up tech-challenged friends with VOD capabilities, I think that Stremio would be better, with warnings about patience & subtitle issues.
When I need to not annoy my wife while we’re trying to watch a movies or show with good audio & synced up subs, Kodi with a good addon with RD works much more reliably.

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As i dont have the same issues you do at all… Im not going to comment further. I still think you dont have it setup right or picking bad links. But, kodi works very well do, seren does a fantastic job.

I may give Seren another go now that I have Kodi 20 installed…I did really like it awhile ago. I can’t remember whether I had issues with it using 18.9 or one of the 19 flavors.

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I run it on 19.3 still, never on 20. i still have to try out 20 on the pc. Hadnt the time.

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I been overall happy with Seren. A few issues are not always getting English subtitles or providers on shows I like…but I till use Cinema so…

Hey Judy,
If there are embedded subs available, have you tried going to settings (gear icon, lower left-hand corner) then->subtitle settings & selecting English? Also if you get a foreign audio feed, often you have to select the English with ‘Audio Settings’.

Also, I’ve had great luck over the last 4 months or so using the Fen addon, so an alternative addon is never a bad idea.

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That’s the joy of Stremio. One setup for all your devices, ease of use, multiple subtitle options, trakt, premium service compatability, lots of safe addons for whatever your viewing pleasure is. Having used it for years on every Firestick I’ve had and programmed, I’m looking forward to an easy transition to the “Shield”.


Yes I’ve tried using both settings…no English or no subtitles at all. I’ll look into Fen…often they use the same providers. I’m currently running Kodi 20…I usually wait a bit to do updates.
Thank you for your kind response.

Have you set up “Open Subtitles”?

Yes I have…thank you

20 characters not always needed :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I agree as far as the one set up.
Ease of use?
It’s more intuitive than Kodi, but as far as links actually loading & playing with synced up subs and reliable audio without shopping several links (or having to try VLC, MX, Movie player or, shockingly, Kodi as media players), no.
I will try Stremio for something if I’m alone, but if the wife & I are wanting to view something together, it’s Kodi. She gets very impatient if I have to trouble-shoot when a link doesn’t load, the audio is non-existant or in Russian and the subs are not synced.

I very seldom have any problems with a good addon and if the audio isn’t loud enough, the language or subs are not in English, it is so easy to rectify in a few seconds.

There is an auxiliary volume booster built into the MX Pro

I have used it for years. Never one sub issue, no sync issues and never any problem with sources. It is so easy to use and set up. Just a matter of a bit of learning and far less than the competition. I always have used the built in player and not one issue ever. I’ve always clicked a link that is 720 or 1080 and wait for a few seconds to load, and they’ve always played. Some larger sized sources do take 15 seconds or so to go through the handshake and loading/play process, but unlike Kodi for me, they’ve always played flawlessly. We’ve had this conersation before. I recommend sticking with Kodi as it works for you. It’s why I stick with Stremio, it works for me. Perfectly.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!


Yep, MX is a good player & the aux volume is a feature. But I’ve had links that had no audio in MX & had to choose VLC and even Kodi.

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I’ve never used another player for Stremio, only the native one. I’ll have to install MX Pro and VLC and see if there is any advantage to using them and not the native player.

I use Volume Booster (Goodev) and it really does boost the sound. Though, It can get a little wonky at times the Shield. I keep meaning to try a few other boosters. maybe I’ll do that tonight. They’re cheaper than a hearing aid!