STREMIO....questions answered *readme*

I’ve had lotsa stremio questions sent to me lately and my best advice is to read Troys tutorial then ask away. But follow it closely. Stremio is a bit of a pain to setup but once you get it you got it… patience :crazy_face: .and imho its the best…


How to Install Stremio on Firestick/Android TV (2023)


In support of Troy’s tutorials here is the official stremio reddit. Take the time to read and you’ll find many useful bits of info and answers that will make your Stremio journey constructive and productive, and most of all fun.


Yes I agree with both of you guys. Stremio is my favorite and go to apk. It is a little bit more work than the others out there but take it from someone who has been using it for a while it’s worth the extra effort.:v::sunglasses:


I sure didn’t like the look after the updates though. I’ve gone back to 1.6.1 on my Shield and love it. All is good in the neighborhood.

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Yes I do like Stremio with RD


I was disappointed in the RD choices until I realized that when I initially set it up, a couple of years ago, I had really poor equipment and had set it up for up to 1080p and no 4K. So I uninstalled the torrentio addons, of which I had 5, and added Torrentio from scratch, eliminating cam, ts and everything below 720. Now I’m getting HDR 10+ to watch and talk about home theater. WOW.


I noticed that the TP guide no longer includes integrating Orion or Torrentio.

Hi Miki I did follow your INFO on setting up Streamio and it worked great thanks.

opened Stremio and uninstalled every torrentio I had then went through the install process got my API key from the RD site, copy and pasted it, chose the no download links, removed TS CAM, 420 and just left 720, 1080, and 4k. Now getting HDR 10+ links


Ya it just has an “and others” at the end of the list. If all “community” addons were included the list would be pretty big and Troy’s instructions could take page after page. Lot’s of Devs adding their stuff.

Been trying to login to stremio but keep getting user or password error. Tried signing up for account and I get email account already exists. I change the password and it goes through, but when I try to login, I get the same error again. Has this happened to anybody?!

Go into your apps and clear both data and cash. Reboot device. Try logging in and if unable to do then try the “Forgot password route”.

This is off subject but is anybody still using onstream?