Stremio Playback Constantly Stopping


I have version 1.5.8 installed. I have had no issues up and until 2 days ago. The stream would play for up to around 30 minutes of a tv series and then, just freeze. If i restart the stream, it freezes again after around 4/5 minutes from where it left off.

I have tried with the built in player and MX Pro. Still have the same issue. It might well be the particular series i am trying to watch. But i am not allowed to mention the series on here.

Sure, i could test another series, but just wanted to see if anyone else had the same experience, and a possible solution.

There are only 6 links…2 from RARBG with the exact same details and 3 people watching on both streams, and 4 from eztv. And yes, i have tried them all. The EZTV links do not load at all.

The series plays ok on other movie apks.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but same issue occurs.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Sounds as if something has changed on your network,? Stremio(for me) has no issues currently.

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Check your network.

When encountering buffering please take a look here, lots of info.

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@TP-Dracoo Thanks for that. Checked speeds and spoken with ISP. No Internet issues detected. But will keep checking.

Tried various vpn servers and same issue. But no such issues on my iptv are bbc/ itv etc.

Might just be a blip with this series.

Thank you


@TXRon Many thks. Will keep fault finding.

With only three other peers in the stream, I would expect it not to work well at all since you’re depending on them for your program. Try looking at filmplus for that series as it’s not torrent based but can also have issues at times with some streams.

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Echoing what Wizard wrote,
If there aren’t many others using the stream, you can expect buffering with Stremio.

Using Kodi with a good add-on is generally more reliable in that case.


I wonder if you have added all the addons that would scrape sources. PM me the series and I’ll take a look. Also, using Real Debrid with Stremio provides good stable sources.


I use RD with Stremio & for popular and/or relatively recent stuff, it’ll find & play well.

Some of the crap, sorry “high brow” programming that my wife wants to see, we have better luck with a Kodi addon.

Some of the hard to find stuff ends up being available on one of the free verified apps also, albeit with ads.

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Always so many good options these days. Thank the internet gods.

Many thanks to all who have replied. I have resolved the issue.
Nord vpn updated their app 2xdays ago. That is where the problem lay.

I have reverted to APK 5.28.0+sideload and everything is back to normal.

I have also written to Nord Vpn with my findings for their technical team to investigate.



I’m kind of curious why was this topic open back up. I’m having problems with streamio freezing shows and movies online on my device lately.

Did you get the 1.5.8 update?.

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There is a post on that.

And stremio is also causing issues for me to randomly stopping. I have done all the troubleshooting steps. Syncler and kodi dont do this on all active players. I used 3 different units. This is most liky stremio. I however didnt downgrade or use different versions. It only just started, stremio has been flawless prior. I will check out and test any updates later on.

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Film+ isn’t torrent based? They have their own servers? I guess I always assumed they were similar to Stremio.

@TP-Dracoo . Good to know that i am not alone. During the watching of something on Stremio, it suddenly kicks me out back to my home screen.

It is so infrequent that it is hard to pinpoint the issue.

This is only a recent issue with me. So im not sure exactly what it is.

Yes I did Miki, Remember we had a whole post about that my shield kept kicking it back kept upgraded from 158 to 157 finally PF told me to disable Google Play Store and I took care of that problem but yeah my stremiol it freezes up on me periodically.